the bored jar

The Bored Jar was inspired by Pinterest, a great tool if you are looking for fun things to do and give your kids!

This last summer I was nannying a 5 year old little boy and his sister, who was 11 years old. At first, the summer started off smoothly and we had a great time with crafts inspired by Pinterest as well as the random activities we went to and did around town as well. However you can only do so much everyday and we had brainstormed so many ideas on what to do for the summer, we decided to do them all at the beginning without thinking that we should save them and spread them out over the course of the summer! Call me dumb, so we ended up repeating activities and crafts we did a couple times! However every day the mom told them each to do “helping hands”, a chore around the house. So they would do that, and we would get everything done before lunch. After lunch, or at least once a day, one of the kids would say the magic words like, “I’m bored!” or “There’s nothing to do in my house!” Thus, I broke out my super-woman skills and headed to Pinterest, and I found every babysitter’s/nanny’s lifesaver!

Who knew when I found this mischievous item that it could easily be turned into a craft as well! I simply found a large mason jar and then I pulled out the stickers and sharpies for the kids to decorate it. While they did that, I cut up construction paper and wrote down on a good 20-30 strips chores and random things for them to do when they said the “magic words”. I wrote things like, take the dog for a walk, make your bed, put the shoes away, vacuum the living room, dust, etc., mainly all the chores, then I also included some “special” strips, only about 10 so there was a small chance of them to get one of those, but included things like, go to a movie, go get ice cream, go to the mall, etc.

Therefore after the kids saw that I was enforcing this idea, and they mostly had to do chores once they said the “magic words”, they stopped saying it, however every once in a while they would say it to see if they would get a special strip!

This is a "Bored Jar" that I made for the summer. All you have to do is buy a jar or use one from home and decorate it however you want. I decorated it with summer stickers from hobby lobby. Then you get some popsicle sticks and write or type some fun kid friendly activities on them. I put a few of my activities in the picture. Enjoy!


Halloween (Eco-friendly) Craft

So this week is the start of fall, and therefore it’s time to get in the fall mood!

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because of the cute decorations, the football games, the trees are changing, as well with the cold weather it gets me all in the cozy and cuddly mood!

A lot of people go all out for Halloween. From the little cute decorations and pumpkins to the gory demons, zombies and spiders, I don’t know about you but that is fun right there. Decorating for halloween obviously consists of spending money to purchase all of the different “one of a kind” decorations, but there’s also a way to make things yourself. For example, DIY & Crafts is a cute website that consists of cute little decorations for halloween, like stenciling spiders on pumpkins, and making ghosts out of wire, how adorable! I think they have some cute ideas!

When I was younger, I made some lights to line up along our sidewalk leading up to our door for the trick-or-treaters to come, and they were unique I thought!

What you will need:

  • Empty Plastic Water Bottles
  • Construction Paper, Colored or Plain White Paper (not card stock)
  • Markers
  • Halloween Themed Stencils (depending on how good of a free hand you’ve got!)
    • ex: Spiders, Witches, Ghosts, Bats, etc.
  • Tea Lights (depending on how many water bottles you have)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tape

To start, lay out all of your materials.

Displaying image.jpeg

Then taking the scissors and a empty water bottle, about halfway down the bottle, or measure about 2 to 2  1/2 inches up from the bottom, then cut all the way around so you have a mini cup. If you are making more than one, then repeat the process over with all of the empty water bottles. If making more than one, you can also have the measurements vary depending what you prefer.

Displaying image.jpeg

After that, take the paper you have chosen, from the construction paper or the plain white paper, make sure it can wrap around the bottle fully before cutting, and measure down the same size of the length of the water bottle, and cut.

Displaying image.jpegDisplaying image.jpeg

Once you have each piece of paper for each water bottle, in the center, either free hand, or stencil in the design you have chosen, and repeat for each paper.

Displaying image.jpeg

Once each paper has a design on it, then wrap each around their own bottle, and tape it. After that you can put the tea light in it and set it out!

Displaying image.jpeg

impressions ft. HGTV shows

I was watching HGTV today and I wasn’t 100% sure what I was watching, but it was sure interesting, like usual.

HGTV is addicting to watch, and once you get started there’s hardly a way in going back. When I had the time, for example in the summer when there’s nothing to do, or when I’m folding my clothes down in the basement, popping HGTV on, you’ll definitely find something worth your time.

There are so many different shows, all focusing on, the home, which is obviously a key aspect in literally ever human being’s life.

Color Splash, with David Bromstad, is a really neat show, where he goes into his client’s home, and upon their requests for color and a store they would like to use for their purchases, they sit and wait around while David comes up with a neat design, obviously including the perfect amount of vibrant color, as well as making the room modern and more sophisticated than it previously was. Being a professional, his clients obviously love his work, who wouldn’t?! He has a nice impression.

I love David Bromstad, I think this show is a good example for people to get the jist of what colors go together, as well as an idea of how patterns and shapes go together as well. Depending on the space you have, and depending whether or not you’d like to spend money on it is another factor to consider, for entertaining and having guests over, a neat, modern, sophisticated room in a household is nice to have, for anyone.

Another good show I really like is House Hunters. There is no real specific host for the show, because it is taken/taped all over the world. Of the three houses that the couple/single person is choosing from, its always fun to think about what you think they will get, (most of the time I personally am wrong, but thats just me!). I find this show to be entertaining because people watching is interesting to me, meeting the people starring on each episode and what their wishlist is, and their budget is always interesting to me, because the result of what they will choose is either really obvious or hard to decipher. Additionally, its interesting on how each realtor handles the “house hunter”. I feel like you either know a good or bad realtor right off the bat, depending on how much they are willing to talk, and how much they know the house they are showing, or how much they want to be involved with their client. First impressions are nice.

why sleep

Everyone needs sleep. Everything needs sleep. But why sleep?

Last year I took Biology as a class and we learned about the brain and how it works. There are many different parts of the brain we learned about and altogether it was really interesting because no one ever has learned about how the brain really works.

However researchers and scientists tell us some information about how the brain works for example, the right side controls the left side of your body and the left side controls the right side of your body. That’s freaky-weird I think. One brain exercise/experiment that we held in biology last year was this: have one person cross their arms and have the palms of their hands facing eachother, then fold their hands and inter-twine their fingers. Then you can try having them close their eyes or just keep them open. Then have a second person rapidly tell them, “right ring” or “middle left”, “left pinky”, “right pointer” and have the person with folded hands lift up that finger. It truly is difficult trying to make sure you lift the right finger because you feel the opposite finger resting on the back of the other hand which confuses the brain, taking you longer to process what muscles to use because the nerves in your hands and from what you see are getting mixed signals!

Also in biology last year, we were assigned to research any newspaper or magazine article, and the topic was that it had to be about the brain, since we were then studying about the brain. I researched online and found that when we sleep, our brains clean themselves! While we sleep our brains become like “biological dishwashers”, as The Guardian says. Cerebral Spinal fluid is pumped around the brain, and flushes out waste products, which is why when you wake up in the morning, you usually have to go to the bathroom.

Teenagers most often need around 8 1/2 to an average of 9 1/2 hours of sleep per night, just enough to have enough energy for their bodies and minds for the next school day. If we don’t get enough sleep every night, we wake up less prepared to make decisions, concentrate, or be fully awake and prepared for what is to come for the next activity or school day.

I think this topic about the brain and how the brain needs sleep is a crazy “mind blowing” thing to wrap my head around. There is so much more research that could be done with the brain in the future, there are always new things to learn, as long as we are awake for them!

The Fascination of Color

Color is everywhere and I don’t know about you but if the world wasn’t colorful, life would be pretty boring wouldn’t you think?

We, as humans, see color through the sensitivity of all the cells in the retina, a part of the eye, to the wavelengths of different light.

How our eyes work is really fascinating as well, which also helps determine how we see color and light, that can be found here.

However since rods and cones are the main factor that help us perceive color, they’re what I will quickly summarize if you don’t want to go to the hyperlink above. How someone receives the light is through the cones, which then determine the color, depending on the wavelength. The long wavelengths can be up to 570 nanometers, which usually determine the greenish-yellow light, the middle wavelengths, around 540 nm usually determine the green light, and finally the small wavelengths are usually around 450 nm and determines the blue or blue-purple color we see. Rods, on the other hand, are usually almost always responsible for night vision, or vision at low light levels, because they do not mediate color vision.

Honestly I think how the eye works is a fascinating piece of art. To be able to have eyes is a privilege, granted that some don’t, due to whatever the consequence. Also being able to see color and see at all is also a privilege compared to the people who are blind, and can’t see the color we can see. I think we should be grateful to what we can see everyday, because you never know when you could get poked in the eye by a pencil.

The color wheel was developed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666, and ever since scientists and artists have studied this.

Today scientists and artists have now published the color wheel: consisting of three basic groupings of color in a wheel such as the primary colors, the secondary colors, and the tertiary colors. The Primary Colors consist of red, yellow, and blue, and from these three colors come every other color, also these colors cannot be mixed or made by any combination of other colors. Secondary Colors are green, orange, and purple, and they are the colors formed by mixing each primary color with another, for example, red and blue make purple, and red and yellow make orange, and yellow and blue make green. Finally the Tertiary Colors are found when someone mixes a primary and a secondary color, giving it a two word name, such as yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, and so on around the wheel.

There are millions of different colors out in the universe and everyday we should take in how much color we have in our life, and be thankful that we can see and have a lively life with color!