it takes a lot to be healthy


Healthy Living

i wanted to provide healthy meal ideas, kind of outlying an everyday meal with additional healthy information! i have tried to really be healthy lately, but it is just so hard to really stick to your promised routine and try not to think of all the candy that you have in the corner cupboard! rather, if you really want to be committed, throw it away! but before we talk about the food healthiness, i’m going to talk about the importance of your mental and physical health. On this site, the 25 Science Backed Ways to Change Your Life by Taking Better Care of Yourself, is really helpful and something each of us should read when we happen to forget about ourselves, and thinking more about others. “Experts suggest we neglect self-care because it can be tough to make healthy changes and manage stress in better ways. Self-care is also sometimes associated with selfishness and lazy, over-indulgent behavior.” That is true, especially if you are a loving mom who would do anything to put her kids and husband first before yourself. The site also said, if you don’t give time to yourself, you cause more stress build up and you should set aside more time to reduce that stress, if you don’t, it is pretty much considered ‘unhealthy’ and ‘bad for you’. So after you find a way that reduces your stress daily, find a way to also include your physical health. Every morning, (this could include your stress reliever) take a walk, or a jog, to get a good workout in and don’t forget to stretch! or else you’ll be really sore if you just randomly ‘go hard’ one day. one day at a time, and build it up!
now to the food healthy stuff! we will start with breakfast, then lunch and dinner, finally dessert (because chocolate is actually good for you!). these are just ideas, things i found to be really interesting and look delicious! so i am sharing this great knowledge with you ūüôā Smoothies are good for a quick breakfast, if you aren’t used to one before work!¬†Cinnamon Toast¬†would be a fabulous idea for a Saturday breakfast if your kids have friends who slept over, or your in-laws are in for the weekend. ¬†18 Healthy Sandwich Ideas¬†are really nice because, you really shouldn’t forget about your lunch! it can save you money if you buy all your groceries ahead of time, you can save money instead of going out for lunch every day! plus, you will know what is in your meal too.¬†Crockpot Parmesean Mushrooms, i simply crave because these look so delicious! perfect to go with chicken or steak for dinner.¬†Baked Pesto Chicken¬†is low-carb and gluten free, which is even healthier. many people don’t like the texture of pesto, but it is really good for you and why not just give it a try? finally, for dessert, try the¬†Chocolate Molten Cakes in Cupcake Pan. this picture will definitely persuade you to try these because they look dangerously good, admit it!


gardening, part 2

flowers are a super nice way to help your home look healthy and happy, as well as colorful. even though it may be expensive sometimes, there are ways you can buy and grow flowers in an affordable way. if you happen to live in an apartment, you might not have any personal outdoor space besides a balcony, but even there you could add a little color! or if you live in a huge house with lots of yard room, it would be very pretty to have a lot of color to let the public know that someone is alive there! it doesn’t matter, indoors or outdoors, you can have flowers that aren’t only just colorful, but smell good too!

if you have never started a flower garden, click here. even though the link is to WikiHow, it is pretty useful at the basics of creating a flower garden. if you’re in need for some more tips and tricks on what you need to create a perfect spot for your flowers, click here. ¬†“where to buy my flowers?” you ask. at a local plant nursery or a home store like Lowes or Menards. they will most likely have plants that are already started, or just bags of seeds that you can use too. if you decide to really start from the beginning and go with the seeds, then you would have to start way early in the year, like the first couple months, but that all depends where you live and what your climate is like. don’t be afraid to go to a plant nursery just to ask them questions!

now onto a different but the same subject….don’t get confused! but the way you present your flowers can be very simple, or striking to your friends and family. it is really all up to you! i have found some things that were of interest to me, and that i am planning to include within my home this spring/summer too. the Vertical Plant Hanger, is really cool and unique if you have a porch with a roof on it. or you could always hang it inside too. the Tin Can Garden is something i am definitely doing because we have a large wooden fence that this would look good on! the 24 patio perk-ups is also nice because it displays ways to display your flowers in pots or in other unique places. finally if you dont want to commit your soil to anything, containers work too! by HGTV, here are some Stunning Low-Budget Container Gardens, that are very cool too.

gardening, part one

Vegetable gardening is a cheap and easy way to save money, and obviously produce your own food. i am starting my garden soon, and the three hardest things about the whole gardening process in general are 1) picking the right spot and having enough room for your desired vegetables 2) choosing what kind of vegetables, (if you have minimal space, you most likely have to stay with minimal kinds of vegetables unless you’re really creative) 3) keeping up with the weeds.

it takes a long time for the garden to start growing and becoming developed, especially if you start from seeds. many gardeners start their seeds indoors, while there is still high chances of frost and cold weather. to know when to accurately plant your seeds, or seedlings, Google: Planting Calender for (your state) for my state, it accurately describes and shares when i should plant the “cool-season” vegetables, in April mostly, and in January, February and March, i was supposed to start the indoor seeds. i didn’t do that, however, because my sister’s school annually has a big plant sale, where my mom buys the already started vegetables for me (even though there is a minimal variety) and then they are already 1/5 – 1/4 through the way of their process time. it is nice because after i have my garden space prepped and ready all i have to do is dig a hole and shove the plant in! for my garden space, last year i made a raised garden bed, with 4, 1 1/2 inch wide planks, then i screwed them together and placed them on my desired area to garden. then i purchased roughly 5-6 bags of soil, one was manure (yes, gross but it helps the plants!) three were nutrients soil and one or a couple of them were the basic garden soil. i mixed them all together and it works! it was helpful to have a raised garden bed because my dog loved to run through the one that was on the ground, and also it helps protect your plants from getting right to the nasty soil that has been there for +20 years, it is good to start out with fresh soil that wont have weeds for a good chunk of time too.

so i looked up helpful links that would be of use to a new gardener.¬†Planning your First Garden¬†by Better Homes and Gardens, is the best. it is super clear and to the point, providing a lot of different things that you would want to know and find helpful if you are a beginner! after all, these people are the real professionals!¬†Vegetable Gardening for Beginners¬†is by, which is also very credible, because these are all garden professionals too! this one is helpful too, and may cover a couple different facts that you didn’t read in the first link. good luck on your gardening adventures!


summer plans

since spring break ended a couple weeks ago, for us high schoolers, what is there to look forward to now? Summer. oh wait, that is two months away! ūüė¶ besides those random half days and the weekend, all we look forward to now is summer. a chance to relax and not have to worry about school. my family doesn’t usually go on vacations, which kind of sucks, (i will when i’m older) but what kinds of vacations would you go on? we went to Disney in Florida for our spring break, and to the beach one day, for THREE hours, and it was super hot and we got super burnt all in March!! i can’t believe what it would be like in the summer, because sometimes down there it is +100 degrees everyday. if i were to go on a vacation this summer, i would go somewhere interesting, where there is water of course, but is sort of hot, but not +100 degrees everyday!

what do you plan to do with your kids on the long summer days? sit at home and have them do chores 24/7?! ¬†no! here are a couple of things that i have found to be interesting and fun creative things to do:¬†Homemade Flubber (number 10 if you scroll down on the site) which is a very cool senses craft and activity. Erupting Ice Chalk would be super cool and cheap, your kids can do this multiple times and each time you would get a different “wow!!” or “cool!” Squirt Gun Painting is also very cool, but i would head to the dollar store first to buy some cheap squirt guns instead of ruining your the $15 dollar ones! Finally, here is the Ultimate Summer Boredom List, to get your kids up and off the electronics! there are so many different things to do and to make on here, feel free to click around!

don’t forget to include taking weekend trips to go see your grandparents or close relatives, it would be nice for you to catch up and have your kids learn about them too! additionally, take some time to explore your city and what it has to offer, such as the local stores, museums, or places to eat. stretch your legs and expand your taste buds to things you have never tried before! the more you do, the more fun you have, and the more memories you make.

look good, feel good

it is so 120% true that is is super hard to stick to a workout time for everyday! and it is also stressful to keep eating healthy every day when sometimes you are really craving the sour gummy worms! especially in late spring, many are determined to have that good “summer bod” to show off their skinniness and sexiness! even though it takes lots of time and committment, the time you put in, is what you get out of it! first off, the¬†Bikini Butt Workout¬†is a video, that is pretty self-explanatory and obviously will strengthen your booty!¬†Flat Tummy Tips¬†is a lot to take in, but start out slowly, and when you catch yourself craving soda, remember your goal: to become even more sexy than what you already are! the¬†Get Healthy¬†link is super welcoming, and encouraging, also reminding you to take it one step at a time, or else you might overwhelm yourself, and that wouldn’t be good! (tip: drinking water for the very first thing in the morning really does help!) the¬†Clean Eating Grocery List¬†is also, indeed, a lot to take in, but just choose a couple of your favorites, or maybe switch between some different kinds every other week!¬†Clean Eating: 2 Week Plan¬†is very detailed and helpful for you if you are a planner! even though going grocery shopping and buying all of these “healthy items” might be too expensive for you, thats fine, but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!¬†Super Fast Metabolism Secrets¬†is helpful too! staying healthy and trying to get skinny at the same time includes sleep!¬†Kick the Sugar Habits¬†is honestly super hard for everyone, but if you take the time and whenever you confront pop or a free candy bar, think about your goals! (but once in a while it doesn’t hurt…..just as long as your once in a while isn’t every day!)¬†12 Foods to Burn Belly Fat¬†just adds on to your shopping list! keep in mind when you go down the snack isle, that almonds and peanuts, even though they are salty, are really good for you! Here are some¬†Quick Exercising Ideas¬†, that are very brief, and will take you 3-5 minutes to complete. so after you’re done eating on your lunch break, find a spot where you can get these done to get your exercising done! finally, i thought it would be nice to end on something fruity, so here are some¬†Diet Smoothies for Weight Loss! this link gives a lot of information on the basics and history of the smoothie, but i guarantee if you scroll down, you will eventually find recipes you can try!

hair hair hair etc.

prom is just around the corner, and since it only comes once in your life (for most people) it is a huge deal. deciding on how your hair will look is a huge thing, because you will only have pictures for this special time, once, so it has to be perfect! but, today i’m not going to talk about prom. doing your hair everyday whether you are a professional working woman, a stay at home mom, a teenager, or someone who drags herself to her stupid job everyday, makes you look alive and ready to conquer the world. yeah, i get that sometimes you ran out of time to do your hair (make time, because time for yourself by yourself is crucial for women), or you just didn’t feel it that day (i sympathize with you, it happens about 3/5 days of my week) but if you really try to look good for school or work, chances are you will focus better and you will even get some compliments! hopefully you can braid, or your roommate can, because some of these links are all about braiding! the first, the¬†French Braid Twist Tutorial¬†is very professional, but requires quite a bit of time, and probably would be used for if you were heading to your sisters or best friends’ wedding. the¬†Low Rolled Updo¬†is one of my favorites and i use it a lot! make sure you use bobby-pins, but make sure to hide them because it will ruin the look if someone can see a bunch of them sitting in your nest of hair! the braided¬†Ballerina Bun¬†does look hard, so if you are a extreme really good braider, you could do this on yourself, but since i am not, i would do this on my sisters.¬†Four Headband Braids¬†is super cool, and is fashionable for any season!!¬†Step-by-Step Hair Tutorials¬†are very unique and simple, i would recommend to try them! the¬†Knotty Updo¬†actually isn’t my favorite, but i would try this on someone if they had a good head shape for it! finally,¬†25 Minutes or Less Hair Tutorials¬†are some very unique and different hairstyles, that i would try if i was walking around New York for a day!

moving tips

Now since it’s spring, many people, or so it seems like, move. Now i have never moved my whole 17 years, because my parents don’t want to even though i have always longed to because i like change. I have organized our garage sales in the past and everything, trying to get a bunch of stuff out of the way in hope to have them persuaded to even have a cleaner house! (didn’t really work by the way) Last summer, we were super close to buying a house 5 minutes away, but we didn’t settle because of the fact that we didn’t have enough things updated according to our real estate agent, so we wouldn’t have been able to sell our house in time for the other house to be bought. in addition, my mom is the most stubborn lady for giving into the fact that ‘you can’t keep everything’ things like her old teaching books, or just random old things like that that are pulling in dust sitting on bookshelves down in a spare bedroom that we don’t even use! Anyway, sorry for the rant, but here would be a good¬†Timeline for Moving, or so it seems like, because they are quick little tips to help your planning process run smoothly. The¬†Moving Checklist¬†is just like the previous link, giving helpful tips on what to do during a stressful time, and don’t forget a babysitter for your little ones! while you’re packing all of the stuff you want to take to the new house, you might want to get rid of the things that are unnecessary anymore.¬†How I Purged 91% of Our Stuff¬†is really helpful, and if you sell the stuff before your move, equals more money in your pocket for the move! 6 Secrets for a Smooth Move¬†i really like because of the tip of having each room a different number, like the living room 100, kitchen 200, girls room 300, bedroom 400, laundry room 500, garage 600, and so on. then, on a clipboard you can have all of the boxes under each room, and have multiple boxes for the living room that range from 100-139 for example.¬†Money Saving Moving Tips¬†is quite nice because it literally does what it says: saves you money! but in order for you to do that, make sure you do thorough research around your city, to find the lowest prices to also help you out! maybe before you even decide to move, you might need to consider to¬†Tame Your Clutter, especially before you have showings in your own home! finally to¬†Pack Your Home like a Pro, in order to unpack smoothly and efficiently! with quick and easy packing tips, you’re sure to have a quick and easy unpacking time!