About babybluebunnies

Welcome to this blog! This blog isn’t necessarily about baby bunnies that are blue, but rather instead about anything and everything that comes to my mind and comes past my interests as I’m living life.

First things first, I think color is a huge part of life so my favorite color is green and purple (but not necessarily together). Color, to me can express ideas and mood especially, and with color, things can come alive and live. I couldn’t imagine a world without color.

For my future I’m interested in interior design, being a realtor and decorating, (almost anything that has to do with housing) and also in the future I’d like to own something, either a business or just something big. I’ve always had this dream of going into interior design since I was younger because I took a class about it, to get my creative juices flowing, and I loved every second of it! (I’ll talk about that in future posts) Being a realtor has come to my interest within the past couple years and I found that I like simply exploring other houses and making a profit, or helping people find the right place to call home. I also love to decorate, for every Halloween I love to go all out around my house, however my mother detests Halloween, so I just don’t set out skeletons. For Christmas I head over to my grandparent’s house to help them set up all of my grandma’s decorations around the house, every year we find new things to set out, and if you’ve never bonded like that, or had them tell you stories about “where I got that stuffed Santa from” honestly I think you’re kinda missing out because it’s a really special time!

Mood is a huge part of my life and especially since hormones are still a thing, (surprise!) I think it’s interesting on how moods change from minutes to hours to seconds. (I’ll include some of that in the future too how about.) In conclusion, I love to bake and cook, simply, make food. How the body works with the process of food amazes me, and every time I eat I think about “where is the food now?” Anyway, from special family recipes, to all of the yummy snacks and treats I find on Pinterest, they will also probably wind their way onto this blog. After all, who cant live without food?


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