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you set aside time to clean your house or apartment at least once or twice a week right? I mean, especially if you are hosting a party or just having friends over, you would prefer to have a clean area where they can go, right? Because who doesn’t like to walk into a clean house? Thanks to Pinterest, there are tons of ways you can clean the weird little things, that you never would have thought of!

One of the things I tried lately was cleaning my tub. First, I was on Pinterest, then I saw the pin of how to really make your tub look sparkly clean! I was nervous to try it at first because it didn’t look like one of the stereotypical “professional” type of pins. Anyway, I tried it, all I used was 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup original blue dawn dish soap, and 4T baking soda. In the link it said to use a spray bottle, but I ignored it and used a big bowl instead; then rubbing down the tub with the paste, and finally letting it sit for a good two hours. After, I had to scrub to get it off with excess water, but it actually worked and I could really see the difference!

If you happen to have those old, vintage suitcases, and they smell like old-ness, all you have to do is add Kitty Litter and let it sit for awhile according to Apartment Therapy. This concept seems pretty legit, and i will for sure be using this!

What happens when you spill nail polish all over your carpet? Almost every little girl ends up doing that at least one time during their life! Here’s a tip from an excited mom: all she did was apply Barbasol, let it sit for a bit, then applied tons of Acetone. From the pictures the carpet looks brand new!

Under the TecheBlog, here are some miscellaneous little different ways you have never thought of trying to use for cleaning! for example, apparently Coke works for cleaning toilets, use lemons to remove water stains on the stainless steel in your shower, clean screens with coffee filters, and even use coarse salt to clean cast iron. you never know, it might just work!

To sum things all up, here is 17 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks, what super good ideas they have! such as wearing “swiffer socks” around the house instead of dusting, spray furniture polish on anything to make it shiny, keep cleaning liquid on the bottom of the toilet brush pan, and more! there are tons of different ways to help you clean in a more fun way, as well as a cheap and logical way too!

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