gifts to give

there are so many reasons to give gifts. from saying “i’m sorry”, to mothers day and fathers day, to gift basket fundraisers, to gift baskets for waiting people at the hospital, to birthday gifts, and neighbor and housewarming gifts. of course there is always the gift of spending time with the special someone/people, and making them homemade cards that simply mean you are thinking of them and the fact that you took time out of your day to make them something, really can say something to someone about how much you care.

here are 65 ways to say i’m sorry, to show your hubby love and to truly apologize. these are cute ways to make your hubby end up smiling, and that they’ll know you love them.

50 Ideas for Mother’s day is super cute, to “nonchalantly” give to your hubby to have your kids make for you, or just have your kids make for their grandmas/aunts, or something that you can give to them too. for Mother’s day or Father’s day Your Child’s Drawing on Keychain would be super unique!

for those waiting at the hospital, this picture can give you some ideas to provide if you are willing to, just so it helps them relax if it is a time of struggle, and it will let them know that you care and are willing to help in this time of need.

Cheap Neighbor Gifts for Christmas, (or anytime of the year) will let your neighbors know that you care for them too! who knows, maybe you will get something in return! 😉

A Pocket Change Birthday Gift is thoughtful for a friend who doesn’t expect anything from you, or a cousin, or co worker. it is super customizable as well!

This one is a very basic How to make Gift Baskets, and covers Bridal Showers, Gift Wraps, For her, Holiday Gifts, and others.

Finally, if you or your child is involved with making a ‘fundraiser basket’ for a group or his/her class at school, here are some Theme Gift Ideas, which will help the process go smoother if you know what you’re shopping for!

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