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bathroom decor i would have to say is almost essential if you are known for entertaining, or hosting events. it is the place that when people sit down and “do their business” they will be more “in love with you” if you give them something to look at, and give them something for you to talk about with them (especially if you don’t know them that well, and it’s kind of awkward!). clean and crisp bathrooms are in style today. clean makes sense because bathrooms are where you go to get clean. including glass showers, porcelain sinks along with stainless steel appliances (not the toilet) to give it a more “glossy touch.” dont forget the lighting: there are tons of different ways you can do that. it all depends on how much money you want to spend, as well as if you want it to go with the rest of your house, or have a unique personality of it’s own. all you have to do is add color, warmth, and coziness, along with the clean and crisp aspect of it all. i have gathered tons of different organizational ideas, all from pinterest, and inspiration for you if you are thinking about upgrading or remodeling your bathroom. so today i have categorized all the links into Storage Ideas, Painting/Wall Ideas, and Inspiration/Tips Ideas:

Storage ideas come in all shapes and sizes, depending what you can find and how much you are willing to spend, also include the fact of how big your bathroom size is. if you happen to have a fairly large bathroom, upcycling an old Armoire, you found at the dump would be perfect! paint it the color that ties in with your room, and add baskets if you want to ‘hide’ things such as hair ties or brushes. a Ladder Shelf is also nice if you have just the right amount of space, you can either go out and buy one or make it yourself to suit the space you want to take up. Finally i have 27 Easy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces: these ideas will help you not only in your bathroom, but the rest of the house too! I am going to include these 33 Clever Ways to Organize all the Small Things, because these things that they include are essential to every girl, and you can also keep them in the bathroom too.

Painting/Wall Ideas are critical because every bathroom has walls! 7 Unexpected Color Splashes for Bathrooms is super cool and will give you inspiration to either have your bathroom be bright and cheery or send you into the realm of ‘lets go grey and classy, so i can change the accent color to whatever i want’ mood. also, to add some texture and to have your toilet guests be able to have something to look at, consider the Fence Board Planked Wall, which seems to be pretty easy and cheap according to the website!

Finally here are the Inspiration/Tips Ideas: here is a look at Capree Kimball’s Bathroom Makeover, just a little before and after look, which states the fact that it is okay if you dont have a lot of stuff in your bathroom if it’s small,  but go ahead and add color to make it have a statement! finally here are some Bathroom Design Ideas, some that include little details you may not have thought about yet!

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