art gone good

i try to take an art class at least 2/3 of the terms every school year. i find it relaxing and i am able to really concentrate and create new things that i didn’t think i would ever be able to think of. plus, i would love to take time out of my own day, besides school time, to enjoy and develop my own ideas. however it does require spending money and stuff like that, and that isn’t something i have room for, sadly. (also because i am so busy) during school i have taken Computer Graphics, which was really fun, i got to make my own little video clip, of “Mario”- him running across the screen and jumping up on one of the “?” boxes. super cool i have to say. Web Design was when i created my own website, and learned the concept of coding and stuff to that extent; i really didnt care as much for that class. Design in Art, we got to do a bunch of stuff, like paint and design some cool stuff, the best thing i came out with was when we had to bring in canvas, make our own paint, and then take a paint-pen and draw three-five things then out line them until they reach the edge of the canvas. in Drawing we literally drew, and shaded things, we also did contouring, which was really cool. This picture was in an art show:

FullSizeRender (3)

Photography was really cool as well: i was privileged to be apart of the last class to use the “old fashioned” cameras, and develop film in a dark room, and use my uncles really old camera! this was a picture of my sisters: the picture i used for the “compare” subject: FullSizeRender (4)

this term i took painting. i didn’t really know what to expect because i feel like one could either be super good at it or just suck at it. however, by my teacher and fellow classmates, they are saying that i am really good.

FullSizeRender (2)  FullSizeRender (1)


(the shoes are done by knife painting)

they even call me “Roberta Ross” when we are doing the “Bob Ross” painting: (this is unfinished!)


anyway, i guess that i can agree that i have some artistic abilities, (from my dad, since he is a graphic artist and a good painter, drawer, and designer as well) and hopefully somewhere along the line i can apply these to my hobby or work life.


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