home decor: shelving

shelving adds detail and hangs items, that you want to show off, or have off the ground, all while you still stay organized. in this day in age, homes are decorated based on the style of the age. but it also depends what the theme of your room/house is. i love rustic, and the modern types of shelving. from pinterest, i have found 9 different types of shelving, for inside. Shelves with Leather Straps, is really cute, quick, and cheap DIY project. These are very different-looking and im sure when you have guests over, they will catch their attention and you will get some good compliments, (and slide in a white lie: oh yeah i bought those for like $80 and they were custom made for me so you cant buy them anywhere else) 😉 24 Amazing Uses for Old Pallets is what you could neatly display shoes, purses, and jackets i’m sure that you could easily find something like this somewhere online instead of making this, but it’s up to you and how you want to make this! DIY Industrial Shelving is adorable! and on this site it gives you directions on how to make this and hang it etc! this would be perfect for a spare bedroom or office, to display books or photo books. Vintage Crate Boot Racks are super cool for a mud room if you constantly have people walking through. a rustic and unique feel to the atmosphere. even though this Window Shelf site is probably in spanish, the picture, you can get a lot of inspiration from! if you have a local Goodwill or the dump that holds things and lets you go ‘hunting’ this would be a good idea to pick up! with these windows there are a lot of things you could do with them! Dining Room Floating Shelves are pretty cute too- a nice way to display your wine glasses and other utensils. Industrial Piping Shelves would be cool in the bathroom, and maybe you could even add in some stainless steel accents, maybe even a toilet! Storage Solutions All Around the House is really nice because it gives you a great amount of ideas for all of the little things you could organize and gives you inspiration to things you never thought could be stored that way! Here is 10 Ways to Repurpose Old Pallets, (i know if feel like i talk about these a lot) but they are really helpful and in style for ways to display your stuff! Hopefully these items help you with your ideas and inspirations for your own home!


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