becoming a senior

since this is the end of my junior year, and the end of the senior’s year, i’m getting kind of anxious about when i graduate! this past month has been a rough one, i actually took the ACT yesterday, the big test to get into most colleges. i was tested over English, (the basic punctuation and sentence structure ideas you have to know to, obviously, get into college) Math (algebra, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry) Reading (literally, reading), and Science (graphs, experiments, and charts). to prepare for this, i attended a 6 hour ZAPs seminar, which, because it was my first time testing, we went over and took small portions of each test, and received tips and tricks on how to “ZAP” answers that we didn’t know. that class was very helpful! one month later, after (some) studying, i was so nervous for the ACT in general, it came up faster than i expected it to! when i got there, and when i left, the feeling in my stomach was about the same (sick, pukey, goss, yeah…etc.), because i didn’t know if i was going to do good or not! anyway, now that that’s over, hopefully i get a good result and then i can attend a good college with receiving some good scholarships! if you have kids that are in middle school or just starting high school, from my experience, what i would say is definately get the required classes out of the way, squeeze in some electives (like art or wood tech) and some AP classes. then he/she will be prepared effectively for the type of work college will give.

now this is the stuff i am really looking forward to: senior pictures, vacation, and party! (im not looking forward to the graduation part-which will take like 4 hours, but i will be for my medals!) anyway, senior pictures, are super hard to decide for when to have it, during summer, fall, or winter! summer has it’s perks, because you could go to the lakes or in the bright green grass, fall- the leaves and the fields as well as the dark colors, winter-bright snow and red lipstick 😉 senior vacations will be super fun! this last march there were 15 seniors and their families who went to mexico! (that would be too much for me!) but my friends and i want to go somewhere like florida- to the ocean!! finally the senior party, it all depends where you want it, then from there, make picture boards, have a color scheme, and make it all about me! i’m so excited!!

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