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i wanted to provide healthy meal ideas, kind of outlying an everyday meal with additional healthy information! i have tried to really be healthy lately, but it is just so hard to really stick to your promised routine and try not to think of all the candy that you have in the corner cupboard! rather, if you really want to be committed, throw it away! but before we talk about the food healthiness, i’m going to talk about the importance of your mental and physical health. On this site, the 25 Science Backed Ways to Change Your Life by Taking Better Care of Yourself, is really helpful and something each of us should read when we happen to forget about ourselves, and thinking more about others. “Experts suggest we neglect self-care because it can be tough to make healthy changes and manage stress in better ways. Self-care is also sometimes associated with selfishness and lazy, over-indulgent behavior.” That is true, especially if you are a loving mom who would do anything to put her kids and husband first before yourself. The site also said, if you don’t give time to yourself, you cause more stress build up and you should set aside more time to reduce that stress, if you don’t, it is pretty much considered ‘unhealthy’ and ‘bad for you’. So after you find a way that reduces your stress daily, find a way to also include your physical health. Every morning, (this could include your stress reliever) take a walk, or a jog, to get a good workout in and don’t forget to stretch! or else you’ll be really sore if you just randomly ‘go hard’ one day. one day at a time, and build it up!
now to the food healthy stuff! we will start with breakfast, then lunch and dinner, finally dessert (because chocolate is actually good for you!). these are just ideas, things i found to be really interesting and look delicious! so i am sharing this great knowledge with you 🙂 Smoothies are good for a quick breakfast, if you aren’t used to one before work! Cinnamon Toast would be a fabulous idea for a Saturday breakfast if your kids have friends who slept over, or your in-laws are in for the weekend.  18 Healthy Sandwich Ideas are really nice because, you really shouldn’t forget about your lunch! it can save you money if you buy all your groceries ahead of time, you can save money instead of going out for lunch every day! plus, you will know what is in your meal too. Crockpot Parmesean Mushrooms, i simply crave because these look so delicious! perfect to go with chicken or steak for dinner. Baked Pesto Chicken is low-carb and gluten free, which is even healthier. many people don’t like the texture of pesto, but it is really good for you and why not just give it a try? finally, for dessert, try the Chocolate Molten Cakes in Cupcake Pan. this picture will definitely persuade you to try these because they look dangerously good, admit it!


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