gardening, part one

Vegetable gardening is a cheap and easy way to save money, and obviously produce your own food. i am starting my garden soon, and the three hardest things about the whole gardening process in general are 1) picking the right spot and having enough room for your desired vegetables 2) choosing what kind of vegetables, (if you have minimal space, you most likely have to stay with minimal kinds of vegetables unless you’re really creative) 3) keeping up with the weeds.

it takes a long time for the garden to start growing and becoming developed, especially if you start from seeds. many gardeners start their seeds indoors, while there is still high chances of frost and cold weather. to know when to accurately plant your seeds, or seedlings, Google: Planting Calender for (your state) for my state, it accurately describes and shares when i should plant the “cool-season” vegetables, in April mostly, and in January, February and March, i was supposed to start the indoor seeds. i didn’t do that, however, because my sister’s school annually has a big plant sale, where my mom buys the already started vegetables for me (even though there is a minimal variety) and then they are already 1/5 – 1/4 through the way of their process time. it is nice because after i have my garden space prepped and ready all i have to do is dig a hole and shove the plant in! for my garden space, last year i made a raised garden bed, with 4, 1 1/2 inch wide planks, then i screwed them together and placed them on my desired area to garden. then i purchased roughly 5-6 bags of soil, one was manure (yes, gross but it helps the plants!) three were nutrients soil and one or a couple of them were the basic garden soil. i mixed them all together and it works! it was helpful to have a raised garden bed because my dog loved to run through the one that was on the ground, and also it helps protect your plants from getting right to the nasty soil that has been there for +20 years, it is good to start out with fresh soil that wont have weeds for a good chunk of time too.

so i looked up helpful links that would be of use to a new gardener. Planning your First Garden by Better Homes and Gardens, is the best. it is super clear and to the point, providing a lot of different things that you would want to know and find helpful if you are a beginner! after all, these people are the real professionals! Vegetable Gardening for Beginners is by, which is also very credible, because these are all garden professionals too! this one is helpful too, and may cover a couple different facts that you didn’t read in the first link. good luck on your gardening adventures!



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