gardening, part 2

flowers are a super nice way to help your home look healthy and happy, as well as colorful. even though it may be expensive sometimes, there are ways you can buy and grow flowers in an affordable way. if you happen to live in an apartment, you might not have any personal outdoor space besides a balcony, but even there you could add a little color! or if you live in a huge house with lots of yard room, it would be very pretty to have a lot of color to let the public know that someone is alive there! it doesn’t matter, indoors or outdoors, you can have flowers that aren’t only just colorful, but smell good too!

if you have never started a flower garden, click here. even though the link is to WikiHow, it is pretty useful at the basics of creating a flower garden. if you’re in need for some more tips and tricks on what you need to create a perfect spot for your flowers, click here.  “where to buy my flowers?” you ask. at a local plant nursery or a home store like Lowes or Menards. they will most likely have plants that are already started, or just bags of seeds that you can use too. if you decide to really start from the beginning and go with the seeds, then you would have to start way early in the year, like the first couple months, but that all depends where you live and what your climate is like. don’t be afraid to go to a plant nursery just to ask them questions!

now onto a different but the same subject….don’t get confused! but the way you present your flowers can be very simple, or striking to your friends and family. it is really all up to you! i have found some things that were of interest to me, and that i am planning to include within my home this spring/summer too. the Vertical Plant Hanger, is really cool and unique if you have a porch with a roof on it. or you could always hang it inside too. the Tin Can Garden is something i am definitely doing because we have a large wooden fence that this would look good on! the 24 patio perk-ups is also nice because it displays ways to display your flowers in pots or in other unique places. finally if you dont want to commit your soil to anything, containers work too! by HGTV, here are some Stunning Low-Budget Container Gardens, that are very cool too.


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