summer plans

since spring break ended a couple weeks ago, for us high schoolers, what is there to look forward to now? Summer. oh wait, that is two months away! 😦 besides those random half days and the weekend, all we look forward to now is summer. a chance to relax and not have to worry about school. my family doesn’t usually go on vacations, which kind of sucks, (i will when i’m older) but what kinds of vacations would you go on? we went to Disney in Florida for our spring break, and to the beach one day, for THREE hours, and it was super hot and we got super burnt all in March!! i can’t believe what it would be like in the summer, because sometimes down there it is +100 degrees everyday. if i were to go on a vacation this summer, i would go somewhere interesting, where there is water of course, but is sort of hot, but not +100 degrees everyday!

what do you plan to do with your kids on the long summer days? sit at home and have them do chores 24/7?!  no! here are a couple of things that i have found to be interesting and fun creative things to do: Homemade Flubber (number 10 if you scroll down on the site) which is a very cool senses craft and activity. Erupting Ice Chalk would be super cool and cheap, your kids can do this multiple times and each time you would get a different “wow!!” or “cool!” Squirt Gun Painting is also very cool, but i would head to the dollar store first to buy some cheap squirt guns instead of ruining your the $15 dollar ones! Finally, here is the Ultimate Summer Boredom List, to get your kids up and off the electronics! there are so many different things to do and to make on here, feel free to click around!

don’t forget to include taking weekend trips to go see your grandparents or close relatives, it would be nice for you to catch up and have your kids learn about them too! additionally, take some time to explore your city and what it has to offer, such as the local stores, museums, or places to eat. stretch your legs and expand your taste buds to things you have never tried before! the more you do, the more fun you have, and the more memories you make.


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