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Now since it’s spring, many people, or so it seems like, move. Now i have never moved my whole 17 years, because my parents don’t want to even though i have always longed to because i like change. I have organized our garage sales in the past and everything, trying to get a bunch of stuff out of the way in hope to have them persuaded to even have a cleaner house! (didn’t really work by the way) Last summer, we were super close to buying a house 5 minutes away, but we didn’t settle because of the fact that we didn’t have enough things updated according to our real estate agent, so we wouldn’t have been able to sell our house in time for the other house to be bought. in addition, my mom is the most stubborn lady for giving into the fact that ‘you can’t keep everything’ things like her old teaching books, or just random old things like that that are pulling in dust sitting on bookshelves down in a spare bedroom that we don’t even use! Anyway, sorry for the rant, but here would be a good Timeline for Moving, or so it seems like, because they are quick little tips to help your planning process run smoothly. The Moving Checklist is just like the previous link, giving helpful tips on what to do during a stressful time, and don’t forget a babysitter for your little ones! while you’re packing all of the stuff you want to take to the new house, you might want to get rid of the things that are unnecessary anymore. How I Purged 91% of Our Stuff is really helpful, and if you sell the stuff before your move, equals more money in your pocket for the move! 6 Secrets for a Smooth Move i really like because of the tip of having each room a different number, like the living room 100, kitchen 200, girls room 300, bedroom 400, laundry room 500, garage 600, and so on. then, on a clipboard you can have all of the boxes under each room, and have multiple boxes for the living room that range from 100-139 for example. Money Saving Moving Tips is quite nice because it literally does what it says: saves you money! but in order for you to do that, make sure you do thorough research around your city, to find the lowest prices to also help you out! maybe before you even decide to move, you might need to consider to Tame Your Clutter, especially before you have showings in your own home! finally to Pack Your Home like a Pro, in order to unpack smoothly and efficiently! with quick and easy packing tips, you’re sure to have a quick and easy unpacking time!


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