look good, feel good

it is so 120% true that is is super hard to stick to a workout time for everyday! and it is also stressful to keep eating healthy every day when sometimes you are really craving the sour gummy worms! especially in late spring, many are determined to have that good “summer bod” to show off their skinniness and sexiness! even though it takes lots of time and committment, the time you put in, is what you get out of it! first off, the Bikini Butt Workout is a video, that is pretty self-explanatory and obviously will strengthen your booty! Flat Tummy Tips is a lot to take in, but start out slowly, and when you catch yourself craving soda, remember your goal: to become even more sexy than what you already are! the Get Healthy link is super welcoming, and encouraging, also reminding you to take it one step at a time, or else you might overwhelm yourself, and that wouldn’t be good! (tip: drinking water for the very first thing in the morning really does help!) the Clean Eating Grocery List is also, indeed, a lot to take in, but just choose a couple of your favorites, or maybe switch between some different kinds every other week! Clean Eating: 2 Week Plan is very detailed and helpful for you if you are a planner! even though going grocery shopping and buying all of these “healthy items” might be too expensive for you, thats fine, but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Super Fast Metabolism Secrets is helpful too! staying healthy and trying to get skinny at the same time includes sleep! Kick the Sugar Habits is honestly super hard for everyone, but if you take the time and whenever you confront pop or a free candy bar, think about your goals! (but once in a while it doesn’t hurt…..just as long as your once in a while isn’t every day!) 12 Foods to Burn Belly Fat just adds on to your shopping list! keep in mind when you go down the snack isle, that almonds and peanuts, even though they are salty, are really good for you! Here are some Quick Exercising Ideas , that are very brief, and will take you 3-5 minutes to complete. so after you’re done eating on your lunch break, find a spot where you can get these done to get your exercising done! finally, i thought it would be nice to end on something fruity, so here are some Diet Smoothies for Weight Loss! this link gives a lot of information on the basics and history of the smoothie, but i guarantee if you scroll down, you will eventually find recipes you can try!


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a college couple who wants to share their goals, dreams, experiences, and reality.

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