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prom is just around the corner, and since it only comes once in your life (for most people) it is a huge deal. deciding on how your hair will look is a huge thing, because you will only have pictures for this special time, once, so it has to be perfect! but, today i’m not going to talk about prom. doing your hair everyday whether you are a professional working woman, a stay at home mom, a teenager, or someone who drags herself to her stupid job everyday, makes you look alive and ready to conquer the world. yeah, i get that sometimes you ran out of time to do your hair (make time, because time for yourself by yourself is crucial for women), or you just didn’t feel it that day (i sympathize with you, it happens about 3/5 days of my week) but if you really try to look good for school or work, chances are you will focus better and you will even get some compliments! hopefully you can braid, or your roommate can, because some of these links are all about braiding! the first, the French Braid Twist Tutorial is very professional, but requires quite a bit of time, and probably would be used for if you were heading to your sisters or best friends’ wedding. the Low Rolled Updo is one of my favorites and i use it a lot! make sure you use bobby-pins, but make sure to hide them because it will ruin the look if someone can see a bunch of them sitting in your nest of hair! the braided Ballerina Bun does look hard, so if you are a extreme really good braider, you could do this on yourself, but since i am not, i would do this on my sisters. Four Headband Braids is super cool, and is fashionable for any season!! Step-by-Step Hair Tutorials are very unique and simple, i would recommend to try them! the Knotty Updo actually isn’t my favorite, but i would try this on someone if they had a good head shape for it! finally, 25 Minutes or Less Hair Tutorials are some very unique and different hairstyles, that i would try if i was walking around New York for a day!


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