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i just found out the other day that my cousin is planning to get married with her boyfriend after they found out that they were pregnant! which is a blessing. once we found out the news, my sisters immediately screamed, “oh my gosh i’m going to be in a wedding!!” no. but sure, if she asks them. but when my cousin and i were younger, we both promised, PROMISED, each other that the other would be in her wedding! so i am pretty much guaranteed a spot to be in hers! i have found some what i call Before, During, and After your wedding ideas! they are super neat and definitely trigger your imagination for your own unique wedding. For before your big wedding, on Pinterest i found really cool Wedding Name Hangers that you can make and the instructions are right there for you to use! keep in mind, it would be a cool souvenir for your bridesmaids too! The Fab Mood Wedding Site will take you to some wedding songs that are pretty common, in case you have no idea where to get the songs and you want to please all of your party guests, from little ones to older ones, to slow dance to fast. this next one is pretty cute, the Day-of Bride Cover Up Shirt is just right while you (the bride) are getting your hair and makeup done, this button up shirt is perfect to wear around before sliding on your fancy gown! 10 Things to do the Night Before is all to get you pampered and to relax all of your nervous nerves! with your maid of honor, make facials and just relax at home or in your hotel room before the big day. During your big day, there are Pictures to Take!! this link aids you to prepare your photographers to catch the perfect shots of your one-of-a-kind day and these are some shots that you can be inspired by! during the cocktail party, here are some cool Memories for You by the Guests! dont mind that the website is in spanish, but look at the pictures, and it would be a great memorable frame to hang in your new home with your hubby! Cocktail Party Snack Ideas is really cool too, scroll down to the part when the picture is of party guests roasting marshmallows over an indoor fire-thing! your guests are sure to be impressed! After your big day, don’t forget the Thank You Cards for all of your guests! these are some examples that your photographer could take the day of, so you’re ahead of the game! another thank you idea would be Hugs and Kisses from Mr and Mrs, a small party favor for your party guests, that rhymes! finally, you, being the bride and it is your one-of-a-kind day, you want to save your flower bouquet right?! if you have roses, the Save the Roses link is a really cute way of keeping your special dried roses for a long time, safely!


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