DIY: outdoor living space

a lot of people like to spice up their outdoor living space, to live outdoors. usually during the spring, especially in iowa, it starts to get warmer, flowers start to bloom, and grass turns green along with the trees growing leaves again. and most people (from experience) like to transition their time from the 2 1/2 long months of indoors to the fresh air outside. when i was on Pinterest last week on my way down to Florida, (that is something for another time!) i found a lot of good quality and unique ideas that you can use to spice up your backyard for your family, or for your friends and family when they are over. Garden Privacy Ideas displays unique ideas reusing old items that you could find at the closest Salvation Army or at the dump. Privacy is good if you live really close to your neighbors, such as if you live in a big city, you don’t want them to be watching you if you were laying out! 22 ideas for decorating a spring porch gives inspirations for you to light up your entryway and have it become welcoming and eye catching. the author gives off some elaborate adjectives that describe each of these projects you could do, which keeps the reader interested! from door wreaths to baskets, this site would be good inspiration! 24 Patio Perk Ups is from Better Homes and Gardens, which is like amazing and has ideas for the home and the garden! (obviously! but it is really amazing) this site provides pictures more if you are deciding to purchase something for your outdoor living space instead of reusing items you can find laying around.  51 budget backyard DIY’s is hands-down my favorite of all of these sites because it gives you ideas for your outdoor living space if you have a pool, kids, or want to entertain adults, or are having a outdoor fourth of July party with families! this site has DIY games, garden ideas, seating ideas, ideas for pillows or hanging lights. these ideas could inspire you for a graduation party or a family reunion too. Chandelier Planter is a really cute way of expressing inside, outside. if you go to the dump and find a cheap old chandelier, the rest of it is pretty simple from there! Hanging Basket Wood Stand is nice if you are looking for a cute way to hang up a plant. there isn’t really much else at this site besides how-to projects, if you’re curious check them out and let me know what it’s about! finally, Creative Container Gardens you could really expand on this little idea, with these recycled windows, you could turn the glass into mirrors and make the backyard look bigger than it is! be inspired by these sites, and elaborate and create!



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