DIY: easter crafts

since Easter is right around the corner, i remember always creating easter cards for my grandparents and always had crafts to do besides just eating and egg hunting! now since i’m older, i have kind of outgrown all the craft stuff, and it isn’t as cute as it was when i was younger! anyway, if you’re a babysitter or mom, your kids will love these! most of them require paint, so make sure you use the washable paint so your kids’ clothes don’t get stained! first, the Potato Stamping Craft for Kids has instructions that are very kid-friendly and easy to understand. it’s a great idea if you have old potatoes sitting in your fridge that you forgot about! next, the Handprint Craft For Kids is from the same site so it’s super kid-friendly too, and really cute for making bunnies! 38 Easy DIY Easter Crafts isn’t really for kids, but mostly for if you are entertaining for the special holiday, there are decorations, napkins you can make, and party favors too! my favorite craft on this site is the “egg wreath”, when you blow up the balloons and then dip string in glue, finally wrapping the string around the balloon and let it dry, then pop the balloon, leaving the dried glue string looking like an egg in the end! the Easter Bunny and Chick Fingerprint Craft is super cute, especially perhaps if you have kids under two that have really tiny fingers, to make the really tiny chicks for this! and then you could be the bunny with your bigger finger. really cute idea! with Spring Footprint Art you can make homemade bunnies and carrots with paper plates! super cute craft, i even have a bunny just like this at my house, we applied string to it and had it hang on the front door to welcome guests! Pom Pom Easter Egg Painting is also super cute if you want to make some eggs! all you need is paint and construction paper along with pom poms! the Easter Crafts seems like it would be very time consuming, but well worth the pictures if you are into that! finally, Salt Dough Eggs are perfect to hook on your rear-view mirror for the holiday or hook on your key chain, or maybe even as party favors for your party guests!

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