DIY: Pallets


pallets are being brought into the home from grocery stores, to recycle and save our planet! even though they may not seem very decorative at first, with a little imagination, inspiration, and the right tools, you can make these babies into something really super cool. you can buy pallets at or online at or simply Google “where can i buy pallets” and you can often have them shipped to your home quick and easy! after surfing the web, on Pinterest, like usual, there are so many different things you can make with these awkward wooden things! from holiday decorations, to shelves on the wall, garden hangers, stools, tables to seating benches there are so many different possibilities you can make and add a little rustic look anywhere! i have chosen five different “pins” from Pinterest, and even though in some places they can be repetitive, i think these sites are pretty credible and offer popular, unique ideas for how you can use a pallet in or outside your home. the first one, Red Flags to Watch out for when choosing a pallet for craft projects gives few, but good and quick information about pressure treated or fumigated wood, which isn’t a good kind of pallet to use inside your home, because it could be harmful with all of the chemicals used within the making of it. they say if you are unsure of any contamination, you can always do a through cleaning of the wood and paint a couple coats of clear coat to seal in any possible contaminants. Pallet Ideas is from the 101 Pallets website, so obviously they know and give off a lot of information about using and recycling these items! on this particular page, they list pictures of different ways you can decorate or use them. feel free to check out the rest of the site too, i recommend it! 107 Used Wood Pallet Projects and Ideas is awesome! literally, 107 pictures you can look off of and base your project off of, i think this is really unique, especially since there are 107! Amazing Uses for Old Pallets also just has a few pictures, but would also be helpful with whatever you plan on doing with your project. finally, the Ultimate Guide to Upcycling Pallets is a love love love! they provide easy, medium, and hard, projects you can create with pallets, as well as give insight to what project will look good in each room, for example they have wine rack for kitchen, shoe rack for hall/mudroom, children’s room, bookshelf or princess house. i think these sources definitely cover all what you need to know about creating a project using pallets!


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