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i googled the importance of breakfast, and boy, was there a lot of different views on what doctors and scientists, as well as the general population thinks about breakfast. according to WebMD and their view on the Why is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day? and Is Breakfast Really Your Most Important Meal? in both of these articles, i found that those who skip breakfast are most likely aiming to loose weight, and there are ways that is proven that people don’t have to eat breakfast in order to loose weight because they just assume that they are simply eating less calories, choosing two, lunch and dinner instead of three ‘big’ calorie in-takings. but however, the articles said that it is also proven that those who snack throughout the day (and still eat the same amount of calories) can loose weight as opinion is, eat breakfast! in my case, if i don’t eat breakfast one day then i can feel my stomach empty, and it makes weird noises! i usually pack a granola bar with my coffee one for right away and one for a mid-day snack before lunch, or stop at dunkin’ donuts to grab a “wake-up wrap” which includes egg, cheese and bacon in a wrap: quick, cheap, and delicious!

on Pinterest, i found five really good, quick breakfast items that you can make on the weekend in preparation for you and your kids’ breakfast for the upcoming busy week:

gooey peanut butter cereal bars are the bomb! as my little sister would say, because it includes, chocolate, peanut butter, and crunch! very delicious, not very healthy, however, but will give you a boost of sugar and energy! peanut butter apple smoothie is super good too, and it also includes peanut butter! however i think the apple itself could be optional, because i don’t really care for the little chunks of its’ peel, but maybe you could peel it! (even though it is the most healthiest part!) to go baked oatmeal muffins are a really good example of a “to go” item, to eat in the car on the way to work or school. this recipe is also nice because you can be unique on what fruit you want to top your muffin off! quick donut bites are literally quick and easy to make- in three minutes! even though they aren’t exactly healthy, they are a good once in a while treat! …did i mention delicious?! bacon egg and cheese brunch ring is super cute and if you have your in-laws in for the weekend, make this and they are sure to be impressed with your cooking skills! this recipe is super simple, but just make sure you don’t not overlap the biscuit part too little!


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