save money and be happy

everyone loves saving money, right? i mean who doesn’t? because if you save money by purchasing things cheaper, then you can get more while you spend less! however coupon-ing is a stress to me, and it is a big hobby to take on, because it takes so much time to find and clip, and sort, it seems like it would take a lot of time! (especially after watching Extreme Couponing) but it is also great to find money in your pocket, purse, or car too right?! especially like a $10 or $20 especially if you don’t remember where it came from! also as I was buying and purchasing valentine presents, and birthday presents for my boyfriend, I have gotten to realize that I do not do well with keeping track of my receipts so I know how much I spend on him! when I got my first job, my dad told me to split up my income: 50% savings, and 50% spending. during the summer I was really good at that, sometimes increasing to 70% saving and 30% spending, because I didn’t really go shopping or spend my money as much, because I didn’t really have a reason to! to bring these stories together, I think I simply need to create a solid budget for myself, and track all of my incomes, and record all of my outcomes/when I spend it so I can still save for college. (I’m not saying you should worry about where I spend my money!) anyway, as usual, one day last week I was on Pinterest and all the pins were about spending and saving money, and it was like the theme for the day or something because they were all over! (I was kind of worried that it was trying to send me a message or something!) but anyway I pinned the ones I thought looked interesting, and now, here I am!

but anyway I recommend these four:

1) How to Dig Yourself Out of Debt Using the Snowball Method  –  this site is pretty generic, with four generic points and not many details, but if you just want a wide open picture of how you can get out of debt, this is the one to look at!

2) How to Save Money on Electric Bills  – this blog/article has 10 tips on how to save money with electricity, and it doesn’t tell you to just turn off the games and lights, but with simple purchases that can last a long time.

3) How We Paid off our House in 5 Years  –  an adorable true story! those five years must have sucked, but now they don’t have to ever worry about paying a mortgage! maybe you can learn something from their story.

4) 50 Budget Decorating Ideas  –  of course I would include this wouldn’t I?! anyway, these decorating ideas are super cute and stylish for any home- and if you shop wisely and budget some time, you can find some good deals!

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