DIY: featuring balloons

alright, so maybe you have heard that there are some really cool looking crafts, hanging things, or wreaths that you can make by wrapping string or doilies around balloons, and add glue or apply mod podge and then pop the balloon and then you have a really cool looking thing? haha, well I am just going to give you a few examples, pictures, and some really cute ideas you could perhaps include in your own home or decide to make and give to some friends!

The Easter Egg Wreath craft is really cool, and the blogger is really funny as well! it is described fairly well right on the blog, and it would be a really unique idea for your home where everyone in your neighborhood that drove by will just have to drive up and ask you where you got it at!

Doilie Candle Holders are adorable and unique! but when you get to this site, don’t freak out because it is in German! scroll down, and then there are the instructions in English. Here is another version that you might be able to understand easier.

The Balloon Bowl is really cool too! on this blog, the pictures are really easy to see and descriptions are pretty good too in order to complete this, what looks like a time consuming, fun project!



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