my church youth group performs a gospel mime every year for the saturday right before easter. all it is is the high school youth, with our leaders as directors. this is a really fun time, however it takes a lot of hard work and ‘re-runs’ to get through everything in the small time we have, which is one practice every week on sunday night. it is stressful for the directors, and everyone else especially if we don’t have enough people show up, or can decide to be committed to it. i want to say though, it is powerful. and if you can ever make it to one, i highly recommend it. how we do it is literally surround the audience, and appear at almost every angle to them, so they can feel like they are in the story with us. we simply display the entire Jesus story, with a twist on reality. we have an actor usually called, ‘our girl’, to whom the audience relates to as them, and at the beginning of the program, we surround ‘our girl’ with reality. jerks, love, depression, best friends, cockiness, weirdness, and stuff like that, to emotionally connect to the audience and have them discover: ‘oh yeah, i have been in that position’. then we get into the real thing after that, we have the beginning of the world taking place, with God against satan, rising of Gods angels, ‘the goods’, who have white painted faces and bright colored shirts, versus the fall of humanity, those who choose to turn away from God, and are considered, ‘the bads’, who have black painted faces, wearing all black. then we go right to Jesus’s birth, then to when he grows up to the big part of the Jesus’ story, the holy week: palm sunday, the last supper, the garden of gethsemane, the arrest, the trial, the crucifixion, the burial and mourning, and finally the resurrection. another factor that adds to the emotional part for the audience is the music. we have all christian music playing, songs that connect to each scene, making it even more powerful for those watching. practice starts tonight, and i think i have decided to become a good again, as i was freshman year, because last year i didn’t have much of an emotional connection being a bad last year, because i was against Jesus. it will be fun and quite a stressful and fun ride again this year!


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