change is good


don’t be worried if you think this is the wrong blog for baby blue bunnies! i am certainly the same and i am certainly going to keep talking DIY and crafts, food, and holiday activities you can do with those whom you love! if you ever have a request on what you would like me to blog about, just comment and let me know! the reason why i have decided to change up the place around here was simply because it has a boring look, and i wanted to spice things up and give my words a more modern look. i have talked about change before, in ways to change up your home decor and your outside look, but now in the future, on my agenda i am going to talk about makeup and hair, in addition to the DIY and crafts, food, and holiday activities. whatever floats my boat is how i like to say it! dont get me wrong, i am still a pinterest fanatic, and usually whatever comes up on my feed for the day, is what i will most likely be talking about!

lately i have been thinking about what it is going to be like when i grow up. (which honestly, is only in about a year) i have no idea what i want to do, and everything i am interested in, is either too far away for the job that would result from my schooling, or i am not a fan of the college in general. when i grow up i have always wanted to wear high heels and be very professional in what i do. but, if you mention blood or anything, that isn’t my type. when i was young i took an interior design camp at a local college, and i had found it very interesting and thought i was going to go into a profession in that. however once i grew up a little more, i had researched and realized that the only big college (out of three) in my state has the interior design program, and is the arch enemy of the college that i have loved and grown up with. urg! a couple months ago i was introduced to the concept of ‘advertising’ and then i had became interested in that, until i had talked to people who knew people in that profession, and who lived and worked in big cities, unless they ‘free-lanced’ but all in all that seems like such a hassle because i really don’t want to move really far away from home and my family! these are such tough decisions, sometimes i wonder why do i have to make them? why can’t someone come up with something that i like for me?


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a college couple who wants to share their goals, dreams, experiences, and reality.

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