be my valentine: DIY gifts for him

i just have to say that shopping for him is hard! but, since i am a Pinterest fanatic, it always comes in handy when i am trying to find the perfect gift!

today i am going to elaborate on some ideas i have come across and have fallen in love with!

(the post of the blog can be found HERE)

#1) this craft is has its simplicity, (and that is why i have fallen in love with this!) you can upcycle this as well, to save money, or you can just buy little boxes instead. senses are what everyone has, and this is a cute way to relate to that! i feel like this gift would catch his eye, and he is going to love it, weather you are married, or not!

SMELL: cologne (your favorite scent)

TASTE: Jelly Bellies, his favorite candy,  or a gift card to his favorite restaurant

FEEL: a massage bug, or a massage gift card

HEAR: i-tunes gift card or headphones

SEE: some slinky lingerie….OR sunglasses or something that he loves about you (if you’re not married and would feel awkward perhaps)


#2) This is the present i decided to get for my boyfriend, but BEWARE if you are short on time, i wouldnt stick to this! because this takes time and planning out!


The blog post of this gift idea can be found HERE

So i came up, not with 101 but 50 reasons why i love him, and used this method, in the way that i purchased 50 different things to go with each reason! (however it did kind of get expensive, so i paired some up)

i went to the dollar store one day three weeks in advance of the big day, which was a really cheep and good idea because i got about half the stuff for around $20! i got a coloring book, my reason was, “you are really good with kids” and i purchased work gloves with the reason, “you are a really hard worker”, a gift card with “you are really outgoing”, chapstick with “you are a really good kisser”, heart box of chocolates with “you have a big heart”, and finally, a stuffed animal with “you like to cuddle with me”. There are a lot of different kinds of little gifts you could come up with, all it takes is a little (lot of) brainstorming!

HERE is where you can find tons of more ideas!

happy valentines day!



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