iowa’s minimum wage debate

so i have decided to switch debate topics, because i have found that i cant find enough information on the school start debate, so i have switched to the minimum wage debate, because i felt like i can find more about this topic so i can elaborate on this more.

anyway, this was my source that i used for all of my information.

apparently, a long time ago, Iowa was the leading state in the minimum wages, of $7.25. now, well, its not. there are about 10 states that raised their minimum wage at the beginning of 2013. Iowa’s minimum wage has remained at $7.25 for five years, since the last increase, from $6.20 on January 1, 2008.

a full-time Iowa worker earning minimum wage makes about $290 per week or about $15,000 per year before taxes, credits and cash assistance. There are some exceptions: Tipped employees in Iowa such as waiters or waitresses earn $4.35 an hour

Raising the minimum wage would restore much of its historic value and make an enormous difference to millions of families. More than 30 million American workers would get a raise under the bill. More than half of these are women (17 million). The vast majority (88 percent) are adult workers, not teen-agers, and 23 million children (30 percent of all children) have parents who would get a raise. Increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour would give $51.5 billion in raises to millions of workers over the course of three increases

this article was written mainly on facts based off of newspaper articles and other types of sources, all of which are stated at the bottom of the document i had based this off of.

it is all pretty self explanatory, and simply, everything would work out for not only just Iowa’s economy, but the America’s in general because higher wages would result in higher paying jobs, more opportunities for those to get raises, and it would help those single living parents with kids, get off of the line of poverty, and question themselves if they will be able to have dinner tomorrow night.

happy thinking!


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