no more automatic waivers for school start dates

doing some research again about the Iowa School Start Date, this time i looked on the Cedar Rapids Gazette, and the article can be found here.

the author, Andrew Phillips (the Gazette) and Rod Boshart (the Gazette-Des Moines Bureau) base their article on facts from the Director of Iowa Schools, Brad Buck, and more.

the policy change would take effect immediately for the 2015-16 school year. He said the change was in response to numerous complaints he has received from parents and other community members about waivers of the school start date law.

Effective immediately, the department will no longer automatically grant waivers of the school start date requested under Iowa (law) for the 2015-2016 school year.

This authors base their ideas off of the facts that they have received from all of the school district directors and people of authority.

last year the Cedar Rapids school district started school on August 26, which isn’t that far away from the September 1st policy that will most likely be enacted this year.

in addition, the Cedar Rapids school district is also transferring from trimesters to semesters in the 2015-2016 school year, which will be more difficult if the late start impacts the ending of the first semester, perhaps pushing the ending date after break, which will most likely cause more stress on the students with finals after the long break.

“Starting in early to mid-August unnecessarily interferes with families’ summer plans and seasonal hiring while it does nothing to improve the quality of education,” Branstad wrote. “I am confident that school districts will work to adjust to this change.”

apparently, school districts in the past have received calls of angry parents and guardians of kids in the districts with the problem of having school start so early. it messes with summer plans for families.

another problem is the concern with the Iowa State Fair ending and school starting during that time period. the State Fair is for all Iowa citizens and many families that hold annual traditions of going to the State Fair, however if school holds it start date during the time of the fair, that could result in frustrated families.

many of Iowa’s school districts are upset about this case and debate, and are frustrated with Branstad’s choices and opinions. if they voice themselves to him, later he can get a well rounded view of the people’s opinion and find what is best for the Iowa citizens and students.

happy schooling!


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