school start debate

this new debate, here in Iowa, has been a controversy for a long time. however it has just come to attention again and Governor Branstad has issued a new policy for the Iowa School System.

the article i had received all of my information was from the Des Moines Register, and can be found here.

For years, the state Education Department has automatically approved waivers from the Sept. 1 law. All but two of Iowa’s 338 school districts requested and received a waiver this year. Some started classes as early as Aug. 11.

As a student, i think this new policy of starting right after September 1st, is not worth it. the later the students start school, the later we will get out for summer break. also, the later we get out for summer break the more ‘antsy’ kids will get and will most likely be wanting summer more than paying attention in the classroom.

also, i agree that the earlier kids start from the summer, in august sometime, is decent enough so that the end of the semester will get out right before winter break, which is a stress reliever to be on break after all of the finals.

more coming soon about this, once i research more, and get more of a well-rounded idea of this controversy here in Iowa’s school system.

happy thinking!


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