renovating floors

this past week at my house, we had our floors done. originally we had carpet, that was grey and brown, kind of ugly to be honest!

getting your floor done or re done is a big step, financially. depending what you are turing to, weather it be carpet or hardwood flooring, these days its not very cheap!

we turned to hardwood flooring from our yucky carpet, and honestly, because i personally love change and new things, and renovation in general, this was fun to see with my own eyes and not just on a TV show, like the ones on HGTV.

the ‘story’ in my home: the guy who was going to do our floors hit a deer the week he was schedualed to come in, which messed up his truck (don’t worry he’s okay too!) and so he kept saying he couldn’t come in every day. honestly, who knows if his truck was really messed up or that he simply didn’t want to come! the next week he finally came, and then i saw that the front part of his truck (like the vent part) was missing and then i understood how he could have had car problems. the head guy was older, i would  guess probably around mid-fifties. he had a son who also worked with him, who was in his early thirties. they came in and tore up all of our kitchen linoleum, then sanded it all down, they just did the kitchen on the first day. the second day they started laying out the wood flooring we had picked out, and it was coming along beautifully. finally they got to the living room and the hallway leading to our bedrooms and that look another couple of days. yesterday, he came in and finished the baseboards, and finally head out of our house around eight o’clock. it was a long week, the guys had weird hours, depending on what they had going on or when they were hungry, they left, and then hardly answered our calls when we didn’t know if they were going to come back and finish.

in my opinion, if you were going to have people come over and renovate your floors, make sure they are 100% dedicated to the job and know the fact that you want it done as soon as possible (if you want it that way that is, because who wants furniture and other items all in places where they aren’t supposed to be for more than they need to be?)

most of the time things don’t work out the way you want it to, and thats okay! (we just got our christmas tree up today) sooner or later it will turn out better than you expected.

either way, our floors now look beautiful!

happy flooring!


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