its the little things

it literally is the simplest things that can make someone smile, make their day, and make them happy.

it doesn’t matter what the subject matter it is to make someone smile, simply a joke or a sarcastic comment or a compliment to someone could almost for sure make them smirk, laugh or smile.

it also depends on the personality of the person who you’re trying to lighten up. if they’re stubborn, good luck. but if they’re a person who you sit down across the table and try to have the no smiling contest and you win every time because they can’t help but smile is something to keep, knowing that just the little things can make their day, just like a hug or a compliment.

the other day i was given flowers, randomly. literally, i wasn’t even expecting it, i was in my work clothes, and my boyfriend shows up to the door dressed up, with flowers behind his back. (if you have read my earlier post, yes the flooring guy was here, which kind of made it awkward, but who cares!) it made my day, and was just a simple gesture to show how much he appreciated me.

happy being happy!


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a college couple who wants to share their goals, dreams, experiences, and reality.

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