benefits from tea

im not a tea drinker, but i was on twitter today and someone retweeted that they loved tea and everything about it. hmm.

so unlike me, i decided to go look up benefits of tea, and from what i found i think i will add it on the grocery list for this week!

i had always thought tea was for the ‘english’ people, the saying of “tea time with crumpets” or something like that, which i had always found that that was something for them. however as my brain is growing and the fact that I’m actually noticing more things now that i am a little older, tea is becoming popular in america, or in my area that is. there is also many different types of tea that you can make and that are sold. some with really weird names and some with obvious names that when you see them, you’ll think, yeah that’s definitely a good name for tea.

some of the names:

green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, rooibos, peppermint, dried ginger, stinging nettle, yerba mate, lemon balm, chamomile, hibiscus, red clover, dandelion, and cinnamon are just a few i had found interesting:

green tea is high in antioxidants, reduces bad cholesterol, promotes healthy cell growth, and has a relaxing and calming effect for your body.

black tea lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes, regulates blood sugar levels, and has anti-inflammatory properties

oolong tea aids weight management, and helps alleviate skin conditions

white tea has the highest antioxidant properties, low in caffeine, antibacterial, and can lower cholesterol and blood pressure

rooibos is naturally caffeine-free and has benefits for skin irritations, also contains cancer fighting properties.

peppermint is a decongestant, anti-inflammatory aid, and helps suppress the appetite

dried ginger has anti histamine properties, also is an anti-inflammatory aid, eases motion sickness, and is a great flavor booster

stinging nettle is a recommended remedy for seasonal allergies, is a energy booster, and also great for treating arthritis

yerba mate helps open up respiratory passages, lowers lipids, leading to reduced cholesterol and lower blood pressure

lemon balm has calming effects; it also helps with the common cold and other respiratory issues, alleviates digestive problems, and helps treating headaches and toothaches

chamomile is a anti bacterial remedy and is great for treating sleep and stomach troubles

hibiscus is very refreshing, it helps lower blood pressure, diuretic, and is naturally high in vitamins.

red clover lessens menopausal symptoms, can help protect against cardiovascular disease and can reduct the prostate-specific antigen

dandelion can stimulate digestion, can be used to treat hepatitis, jaundice and dyspepsia, lessens hot flashes, and combats the formation of kidney stones.

cinnamon lowers cholesterol, fights viruses, and increases antioxidants also alleviates arthritis symptoms

these are just a few, but here you can see the grew bodily benefits these drinks can have in the long run for your own health. personally i would recommend it and I’m going to try it, and if you want to get more healthy then you should join with me!


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