many people have a tradition of making/baking cookies for Christmas, and also for some, it helps put them into a better christmas mood!

My great aunt makes sugar cookies that are “to die for”, however i have sort of lost my taste for them because i have eaten so many throughout my years! i don’t even know what her “secret” recipe is, however my mom has always wanted to go up there when she is baking them and help her out, so we can learn the recipe as well! when she makes these cookies, she obviously makes the dough and then i swear she has about thirty different cookie cutters because almost every cookie is different in the batch! then she frosts them with plain white frosting and finally sprinkles them with so many different colors, sometimes according to what the shape of the cookie is, which is a neat touch.

i went online and found a basic recipe for those looking for a good sugar cookie recipe, here.

last week i went over to my grandma’s house and helped her make Oreo balls. oh my goodness gracious i cannot even start to tell you how good they are! however we made tiny Oreo balls, it was a positive thing because it was a good bite-size thing and you could just pop them into your mouth, however the negative part was that once you started eating them, they disappeared after a couple chews, you just had to have more! however the ones i had made with my grandma, we dipped them into milk chocolate, which, don’t get me wrong, was good too, but i previously also had had some with white chocolate, which also aids in the fact that you know you’re having an Oreo ball, because it looks like one with the white frosting!

here’s another recipe for Oreo Balls!

finally, another sweet, are Turtles. these babies are extremely delicious if you like chocolate and peanuts, or almonds, or whatever kind of nut you prefer to stick into your chocolate! my grandma also makes these for christmas, and these don’t stay on the plate for long let me tell you! (they go right into my tummy!) (just kidding, not all of them!) additionally, i have not seen my grandma make these, i only know of her making these because whenever we show up at her house during these holidays, she always has them there!

anyway, here is a recipe for you on delicious Turtles!

happy chewing!


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