interior design

the other day i had a job shadow for Interior Design, and overall, the outcome i thought was quite positive for me.

this job shadow was very valuable for me, because i  had always wanted to learn more about Interior Design since i was younger. when i was younger (around the age of 12) i attended an interior design camp for three days, where we met at a hotel, and there we learned about hotel design, took a tour of the hotel, and also, obviously, talked about interior design, like all of the colors and the color wheel and what colors look good/blend together well and what colors don’t go together very well.

additionally, when i was about 14 years old, i had drew out my whole entire dream house, including the details and all of the chairs and stuff, however i didn’t do the colors because it was just a flat drawing, from the top. also, whenever my family decides to get new furniture that has to be put together and assembled i am usually the one who steps up and takes care of it. (however to be honest there was only one time where i messed up, and i really regret that!) anyway, the person who conducted the job shadow said that some of the characteristics of someone who usually is in this field is because they like to draw and plan things out, and also put things together and see how things work. see what i mean?

anyway, i also had learned that if you go to a four year (accredited) school you would have to have a two year work experience in order to get the NCIDQ degree (take a test in order to be licensed), otherwise if you go to a two year school you would need four years of work experience in order to take the test to receive the degree. The NCIDQ degree/license/title is very nice to have if you’re looking for a job, and it is good for the company/firm you are working for, in order to get higher-end projects etc.

i loved the venue of the firm. simply, i love this whole subject matter. the instructor, was very welcoming and very professional, as well as friendly so it made me feel very welcomed and “un-shy”, talking-wise. once i arrived, the front desk was eager to welcome me and offered me something to drink, which was very welcoming and “wow”-ing.

happy times!




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