Cute Christmas Crafts

So I was at a Christmas party today, and here was a new and cute way of presenting hot chocolate mix! I found this cutest thing for simply your house, or a small cute gift for a friend or gift exchange. This is (obviously) a snowman, and very adorable! However I think this would probably take around 10 minutes to make, unless you’re making a lot I would perform an assembly line, like make the hats first, then put the stuff inside the jars, then hot glue it all together and add the remaining details! Using mini mason jars for the bodies, probably black felt for the hat as well as red for the scarf, sharpies or buttons or jewels for the eyes, mouth and buttons, hot or super glue to glue everything together (the hat and jars), and you could also add brown wire to use for the arms. In the top jar, there are marshmellows, in the middle, hot chocolate mix, and the bottom, peppermints, all for peppermint hot chocolate. Yummy!


Another little treat I had run into, was a reindeer treat! What they did, was take one of those Nutterbutters, and spread chocolate frosting around the cracker parts, so it looks like a brown reindeer. Break a pretzel in half, and open the Nutterbutter up on the edges to squeeze the pretzel in, for the reindeer antlers. For the eyes, use mini M&Ms, and use whatever color you prefer. Also for the nose, mini M&MS work well too, might as well try a red one, for Rudolph! these are nice, like how i had received mine, in a package thing, with a ice cream stick in it to hold it up and a bow wrapped around for a nice little treat!

Finally, another treat you can give to others is a reindeer Hershey bar. It is super cute, however it also would take some time unless you have multiple hands with an assembly line or some sort. This one, take a normal size Hershey bar, and wrap it with any color of brown paper. Then it’s up to you, you can either add google-y eyes or just draw them on and a red nose, other wise you could hot glue a red puff-ball on for it to be Rudolph! Finally, for the antlers, add pipe cleaners, and hot glue them onto the back of the paper, and you can design them to your ability!

Happy crafting!


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