tie blankets

this post is crafty- however if you are experienced at this, this might be a little redundant because this post is for those who are new at TIE-BLANKETS!

tie blankets, for me are sentimental, and each one has a different story behind it. if i count, i probably have about 10 tie blankets in my house, that i use every once in awhile. the first tie blanket i had made was when i played club volleyball, and our colors were purple black and white. that was about seven years ago, and i still use it to this day!

tie blankets are a good present for anyone. for a birthday, anniversary, or christmas, you can always use a warm blanket for anything, in the winter for cuddling, or just when you’re cold, or for in the summer, you can lay it out if you’re going on a picnic or watching a concert.

these blankets are really easy to make, and very simple instructions:

first, head to any craft store or fabric store, that you know for sure will have a variety fabric you can choose from. depending on the season, usually the seasonal print fabric is on sale. depending what store you go to, weather it be JoAnn’s Fabrics or Hancock Fabric’s, or Walmart, they all usually have a wide variety, depending on if you’re looking for something specific like cheetah print for your roommate or toy trucks for your neighbor’s newborn boy, they’re sure to have it, otherwise simply ask an associate.

you will want to get two different colors or prints, because there are two sides for this blanket! depending how big you want the blanket itself, usually an associate can also help with that as well. however i have received a two yard blanket before, and also just a half of a yard blanket too, so it really just depends on why you’re making the blanket and for whom you’re making it for as well.

finally once you get home and lay everything out on a flat surface, and all you’ll need is scissors and your fingers for knotting/tying!  simply cut about 2 1/2 inches to 3 inches in, and then put about two fingers down until you start the next one adjacent to it, straight, depending how it compares to your whole piece. cut squares on the corners, also depending how big your piece is, about the depth of the knotting strip length. once you have everything cut, its time to tie!

happy tying!



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