cool cakes

the other day i was at AirFX Trampoline Park for a birthday party. they have birthday party packages available for those who want to have their kids’  birthday at a trampoline park, and add a fun twist on their birthday. (honestly when i was little i wish i had one of these!) the birthday parties are usually for kids, i would say from three to twelve years old.

so anyway, the trampoline park has really cool birthday party packages. the one my cousin got, we were in the biggest party room, and we got one hour of jump time, then after, we went up to the room and had extremely delicious pizza that they made fresh for us and cookie cake that we brought. in addition to all of that, we had a party host that made sure that everything went smoothly, made arrangements for the party, like set the room and took all of our stuff (coats and shoes etc) up to the room, all while we were jumping. and that was a nice addition that my aunt thought.

anyway, so while i was there, there were obviously other birthday parties going on at the same time. as i was observing, the cakes that each party brought in simply amazed me.

okay this one was cool: this was a Ninja Turtle cake, and the cake was about three or four inches tall, in circle form. around the perimeter of the cake, there were Kit-Kats, and then on the top there were M&M’s, sort of stuck there with caramel, and in the middle there was a Ninja Turtle action figure. overall, the cake was so creative, i thought whoever had made it was a extraordinary cake maker!

this one was also very cute: there was a Frozen birthday party and this cake maker had also outdone it’s job. however for this cake, i had a slight thought that maybe this was professionally made. it was a doll cake, or however you really would like to call it, simply there were two dolls stuck in the middle of the cake and the cake was the rest of their dresses. since there were two dolls, the ‘big dress’/cake part was in two different colors, one for Elsa which was light blue with snowflakes, and one for Anna, which was pink and with different designs. the reason why i had thought this one was professionally made was because the frosting was finely spread out, and the designs on the dresses were very well done as well.

i went on Pinterest, and here are some really cute cake ideas for your kid’s next birthday party!

happy cake-ing! (?)


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