christmas lights

a lot of people put up Christmas lights during the holiday season, and so does my family.

I feel like my family isn’t very organized when it comes to the Christmas lights. When we put up the lights, we usually do everything the same as every other year, therefore everyone knows where everything goes because we’ve lived there for 18 years! The colored lights go along the fence, and the icicle lights go on the gutters of the house. The lighted garland and wreath goes around the iron heart we have in the front as well as the Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus. That’s pretty much it, and once were done for the year, we group them all up, shove them in a cardboard box and stick it up the attic in the garage.

However this year we finally put a little change into out lighting! (Thank God because I’m the only one in the family who likes change) last year on Black Friday my mom bought a lot of garland and wreaths from Target that was all 90% off after Christmas, so I decided to put that stuff up. I draped the lighted garland along the deck in the backyard, to give that a little bit of color, and also, along the fence that separates our driveway from the neighbors, I also draped garland as well as a wreath with bows as a cute touch as well, and once it snows it should look cute!!

on the other hand, many people also set their lights to turn on for a specific time everyday, to save energy and keep their electricity bill down instead of having the lights on all night. When some houses have a lot of lights and inflatables, who knows how big their electricity bill is! However I think they probably look past that, and put up the lights because it is usually sentimental and puts them in the Christmas mood! It certainly does to me!
Happy lighting!


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