hair coloring

lately there have been people at my school who have colored their hair differently, and it has come to my mind and i thought it was a good topic to talk about.

i am blond haired and i have been my whole life, and i have natural bright blond streaks on the front. a couple years ago, with my own experience of dying hair, my volleyball team and i have put in pink “peek-a-boos” in , which are right on the bottom on the back of the head, with a small little section. we used pink, because it was a tournament for breast cancer, and we thought it was a memorable moment.

little did my mom know, she thought it wasn’t permanent. however, a week later after the tournament, she still notices the pink in my hair, and screams, “why is that pink still in your hair?!” it was an ah-ha moment, and then she said that she would have thought differently when we put the pink in our hair that one night.

however that was about two years ago, and the pink is still in my hair to this day! it’s crazy!

also, lately and surprisingly, a lot of people have told me that i would look good with brown hair. of course i have thought about it before, but i’ve never like, pondered about it until multiple people have told me.

all in all, deciding to change your hair color, since i have never really been apart of that great thing, i think it would be difficult, at first, because you are going to change your whole look! that is another factor, if you like change, and change for a long time, it would be a major decision!

therefore i looked up things to determine when thinking about changing your hair color and it resulted with me having to take a quiz, Finding Your ideal Hair Color, which, could be helpful to you! also, another one, which looked helpful, was called, Find your Perfect Hair Color.

Happy Hair Coloring!


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