bungee chairs

last night i was with my friend Sara, and it snowed for the first time this year yesterday, and once it was done she wanted to venture out to Target to simply go shopping. Her whole family jumps in the van including me, her mom, dad, and brother. once we arrive to the parking lot, since it just snowed, no plows have cleared the lot. so her dad, being comical like he is, decides to do a 180 in the van, and let me tell you, that was the scariest thing ever because i have never done one of those before! but after we all screamed, do it again!

anyway, we got into the store, and we all parted our ways. the guys, who knows where they went, probably to the sports section, while us girls went to look at the hats and scarfs and accessories. sara found what she was looking for, a watch for work and a white hat, for just general winter. then her mom thought that she had better leave us girls alone, so she wouldn’t be on our tails for the whole night, so she went to the shoe department while we went to the clothes. Target has some pretty cute clothes if i do say so myself, they are stepping up on my list of stores for where to go when i need clothes in general!

sara and i move along the clothes section, and then we see the home decor on the other side of the aisle and then it comes to her mind that she wanted a frame for her homecoming picture and one for her family pictures they just had taken. i thought that was a good idea too, so i picked up a frame too for my own homecoming pictures.

anyway we made our way through the home decor section to find ourselves in the furniture. then all of a sudden i see this weird looking pink square thing, and i couldn’t tell what it was, then sara said it was a bungee chair. we got two out, set them up in the aisle, and fell into them. it was so different compared to any other chair, and i couldn’t tell you if it was completely comfortable or not, because i couldn’t decide myself! they were so different, these chairs, and i think, honestly, it would be a cute addition to a kids’ room because its different and they would like it.

these chairs are popular and mostly found at the Target stores, however to find them, simply Google, Bungee Chairs.

Happy Shopping!


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