do it yourself: cd birdbath

I thought this was really cute when I saw this on Pinterest the other day. I know, it is a really cute craft or do it yourself project for the early spring, but I could not resist in blogging about it once I saw it!

Adding glass or shining objects in the garden can attract many interesting insects and simply make your garden or outdoor living space more enjoyable and lively, especially if you add more light and/or color to it.

This doesn’t seem that hard, if you have the time to put into it. Otherwise it could be a long project that either day by day or week by week you could work on it little by little until you finally have it done!

However according to the pictures below, all you really have to do is recycle some old CD’s (the number of CD’s depends how big the bird bath bowl is you want to decorate, so I would just estimate, and you can always use old CD’s for other purposes as well!), use CD’s as in, either some you just do not listen to anymore or the ones that you don’t want anymore either or you could go pick some up at the local craft store. However recycling is a good idea and it saves the environment too 🙂

Adults are probably going to want to do the cutting of the CD’s, be careful and take caution so you don’t cut yourself! However cutting the CD into pieces like the top picture below would work for some of the pieces at first, depending on what you prefer, I would cut them into big pieces, and little pieces, the big ones to put where ever and the little ones to fill in the big gaps. Liquid Nails Clear Seal is a good seal to use to stick the CD’s on the bowl. Don’t worry about getting the pieces completely covered on the bottom, just dab a bit under each piece.

Finally once you’re done with gluing all of the CD pieces on, us grout to keep the CD pieces sealed together and not have mold or anything grow under them is good to use, for example,  Mapei Keracolor S Sanded Grout with Polymer in white, with Grout Boost mixed in, both available at Lowe’s, are both good grouts to use to keep the CD pieces in place. After spreading the grout between the pieces, and use a damp rag to carefully wipe the excess off.

Happy Crafting!

cd thang

cd more




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