decorative leaf candle holders

As I was on Pinterest a couple hours ago, I found decorative leaf candle holders, and thought they were the cutest thing ever.

These lantern things could be really useful for simply just decorating for fall around the home, and its not for any particular season, such as Halloween or Thanksgiving, but for fall in general. They are nice to look at and adds a romance feel to the home as well as warmth and the feeling of fall. You could put them anywhere in the home as you please, on a shelf, the oven, window sills, or  outside if you are having a bonfire or cookout with family or friends, pretty much anywhere you please. These are good for a small lighting areas, leaving a faint glow any where you put them, depending if you have multiple which would give your household more glow than just having one single one being lit. Very cute and decorative leaf candle holders.

What you will need is, Twine (to make a bow around the top, it looks more professional to some people), Leaves (real or fake, if real, then make sure to dry them out, hang them upside down and leave for a couple of days until they are hardened or crispy), Mod Podge (found at a local craft store), a mason jar (depending how many you would like to make, also found at a local craft store), and a sponge brush (found at a local craft store as well, this is optional, but using this type of brush will get the leaves on the jar more nicely, however you can do your own trial and error thing).

Next, you can mod podge! If you have not done this before, simply place the leaf on the jar (sometimes it helps if you take the mod podge and drench the whole jar first) then put the leaves on however you like then take the mod podge over the leaves one last time. After it’s dry, feel it, and it will feel really cool (I think anyway) its almost like the leaves have been there the whole time! Finally you can wrap the twine around and make it look how you want it.

Happy crafting!



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