Letters have a lot of meaning to most people, and during this time in age, many people don’t write a lot of letters.

One thing that, to me would have a lot of personal meaning for me if I did this to my kids, because personally I love to give gifts and also seeing their reaction would be really meaningful to me as well.

Anyway this brilliant idea, is another thing I have found on Pinterest, and all you have to do is write a letter to your child every year at the same time and add a small amount of money in each envelope. Do this every year and give it to your child at graduation. They get 18 years of awesome letters plus a great graduation present! To me, if my mom did that, it would be meaningful and I honestly would keep the letters for the rest of my life. It would also be a cute idea, if you just got married, for every month of your first year, up to first 5 years together, write a letter to your hubby, and add like $10, enough so when the year is over or the 5 years is up, you guys together could go to a hotel for a weekend, or just get away and go somewhere!

Here is another letter idea that I have also found on Pinterest, and I don’t know about you, but if someone gives me these letters I would want to open them all at the same time! (Patience would be needed here!) And in this case, the letters would be encouragements, and on the front, the envelope, it could say “open when you need to be reminded that you do matter” or “open when you’ve had a bad day” and some more ideas that I’ve found here.



Bouncing off that idea, the movie, Safe Haven, one of my favorite movies with Julianne Hough, who stars as Katie, runs away from her abusive husband and falls in love with a gorgeous looking man in a small town, (SPOILER ALERT!) and Katie becomes best friends with this girl named Jo (Cobie Smulders) who is actually a ghost, that is the man to whom Katie has fallen in love with, his wife who died. Anyway, Jo has written her husband letters and he never opened the one, but it was titled, “TO HER” and once he knew that Katie was the one for him, he gave her that letter, and it meant a lot to her and to him. I totally recommend this movie!


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