apple orchard experiences

The other day I was at an apple orchard, and inside the store there were obviously a lot of different apples for selling and to sample.

The adults crowded around the station where they were sampling apple wine. I thought it was interesting that they had the wine bottles in a warmer, and as I was observing, the worker said that some people like it warmed up, and some people like it plain. She also said, and from my cousin’s experience, that the aftertaste is like apples too which I thought was obvious!

They also had hot and cold cider to sample and to walk around the store with. They also had fresh caramel apples with nuts, and I have never tried one before, which it’s on my bucket list!

While we were there I told my dad that I didn’t care what we got there just as long as I got to eat one apple and we got cider to take home. Time passed, and I ended up not even getting one apple to eat! Urg.

The orchard was cool, we have been there before as a family, but since it was so cold we spent most of our time inside the store, trying to warm up from the previous places we were at. Outside, the place also had the obvious, the orchard, and also since it was the first weekend in October, they had a face painting station, and a little petting-zoo/animal station and finally, a station set up where they were launching apples like 100’s of feet away, which was really cool to me!

However I wanted to expand on the idea that I saw while I was inside the apple orchard’s store, and while I was there I saw a homemade Mix in a Jar, which I thought was really cool because I have never seen a soup in a jar, I’ve only seen the cookie, brownie or cake mixes in a jar! I, regrettedly, did not take any pictures of the jars, but I have done my research and on the link above, it takes you to a site where there are tons of recipes and different ideas involving these, for any gift or celebration!


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