along the highway

Leaves are changing, and many people have a tradition of going up north to see the leaves and check out flea markets and buy pumpkins, squash, and homemade items.

My family went up for what we call the “north trip” yesterday, and that’s exactly what we did. On our way up to the annual roadside flea markets we stop at every year, we would watch out the windows and watch the leaves as we drove by. At one of the stops, along the highway, the market was probably a good one-fourth, to a half-mile long, lined with venues of tables and stands. First thing that catches my attention were burlap wreaths, with huge bows and different colors, and some had pumpkins (fake of course), and jingle-bells, as well as spiders and ghosts. Me, with liking simplicity and not over-crowded items, (I’m not saying these wreaths didn’t look bad, I just didn’t care for them.) There was a brown and red burlap wreath, and just the simplicity of it made me like it the most. If you want to check out how to purchase wreaths already made, you can check it out here. But if you would like to make your own burlap wreaths, you can also check it out here.

After that, as we kept walking down the different little venues, there were more really cute items that caught my attention. There was a stand, with a ton of different sizes of pumpkins, ranging from really super small to about the size to when you put your hands together to make a circle. The big ones were just standing, and the little ones were on bottle caps, so they could stand up and be shown easier, which was a really good idea I thought! Anyway, the best part about these pumkins, was that they had the cutest paintings on them! From happy faces, animal faces, squirmy faces, and crying faces, it was hard to walk by, and it was even harder to stop looking at them!





Finally the last thing I want to share with you, is these pumpkins that caught my eye, because I have never seen them before. They had writing on them, some saying “Happy Halloween” or “Be Thankful” or “Welcome”, and I, from a buyer I couldn’t depict on how the seller made these. So I asked, because I originally thought that he just wrote words with glue and let it dry, then I thought it wouldn’t look like it did. He said he scratched into the pumpkin the words, and he just had let it heal over. Simple and cute!



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