cinnamon rolls

The other day I was on Pinterest and I was “creeping” on myself (as social media lovers I think would say), while on my “food&treats” board, I came across Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, which brought a lot of memories to my attention.

First off, my family has a cinnamon roll recipe that was originally my great-grandma’s and then she passed it down to my grandma, and my mom and now it’s with me! When I was little, probably around age 7 and my great grandma was still alive, we all got together at my grandma’s house, my sisters, girl cousins, my great grandma, grandma, my mom and I, and my great grandma taught us how to make her signature cinnamon rolls. It was a quality bonding time and to say the least it was memories to last forever honestly.

Another story to top off that one, however a little more recent: I had some friends over for the night on a weekend, and my mom had bought cinnamon rolls, the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, and we were planning on simply making them in the oven for breakfast that morning. However my sister wanted waffles, and was making waffles that morning, and I thought it was the greatest idea, that nobody has ever thought of ever, but my idea was to put the cinnamon rolls in the waffle maker! So we made them, we put four of the pre-cut, un-cooked cinnamon rolls in the center of the waffle press, and made them however we had to have them in there a little longer because my one friend liked her’s fully done and crispy, but for me I just had them in there for as long as the usual waffles are made, so they were still nice and doughy. They were so yummy!

Another idea for a breakfast food with a twist of cinnamon roll to it would be these Cinnamon Roll Pancakes that I found on Pinterest as well, which also stimulated my ideas of sharing with you about cinnamon rolls.

This recipe has a couple tips listed on the picture, but I looked up and found a recipe based off of the picture, because apparently the source of the picture’s site is down, so this is the same one and it’s found at The Recipe Critic. These pancakes are so good I can’t even tell you how mouth-watering and delicious these are until you try them yourself!



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