upcycled clothing

A couple years ago, the mom, Bridget, whose kids I babysit were talking and we found out that we are both Pinterest fanatics. We both love crafts and finding new things to make for our homes and new ideas to try when we are bored, or when we want to kill a couple hours we both just head to Pinterest to see what we can find!

According to Wikipedia:

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

And according to the title, we found a pin, which caught our eye because we never saw anything like this before, and clicked on it which took us to the page of the site where they professionally made these shirts by hand, or so they say. It took us to GarageCoutureClothes, and after we clicked on the website, we found a ton of really cute shirts and handmade items, suited for anyone to say the least.

To get to the point, we decided to make our own version of the shirt of the pin we found. shirt

Bridget went to Goodwill and purchased button up shirts from the men’s department, and ties that went with each shirt. (since it was our first trial/experiment she only purchased two of each). A few days later I brought my sewing machine over, and once the kids were down for their nap, I got to work. I cut off the sleeves and the top, so it would look like a dress without the straps when it was laid out on the floor. Then I folded the armpit sections in, so when finished, I would have a nice edge, it wouldn’t look like I just cut it off. Next I folded over the top on the front, down two inches, because the ties we had were pretty big in width. so I sewed it, in the zig-zag form to create a cute mini-aspect of the shirt. Finally once all of the sewing was done, we found a large safety-pin and attached it to the tie and pulled it through both of the holes on the front and back of the shirt, and tied it.

It was a good, cute, and unique idea to say the least, and obviously I am telling you, my reader, to go to this site if you are interested, because if you like upcycled clothing, this is the place to go because they make each clothing item by hand and each item is very special and unique. Otherwise, you can improvise and make your own!


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