organization pt. 2

Being and getting organized will help you take control of your time, space, and life. Being organized well help you to become more focused, and productive. Everyone can gain organizational skills, which is super good if you don’t have any! The hard part is getting started and keeping up the routine of staying organized once you have started. Organization does not take away from fun at all, but helps increase abilities to get more done and enjoy other things rather than “looking for something for hours” until you find it.

You can also find things when you want when you’re organized. Like my grandma always says, “there is a place for everything and everything in its place”, it is true! With everything in it’s place you will be able to find something easier when you want it, thus saving time for you and creating more time for you so you don’t have to go out and buy another thing or look for it for “a million hours”.

Being organized provides more space in the sense that if you reorganize anything, for example a closet or a desk drawer, even if you don’t throw anything away you will still come out with more space than before. In addition, it will look neater compared to the mess you had before as well! However an average organized person doesn’t need much stuff, making their life simpler and so there is a reduced amount of stuff they have to trip over from going one place to another.

For example, I was at my friend’s house the other day, helping them set up their huge halloween decorations, and of course they are into everything, from the “cute-sie” stuff to the gory and spooky decorations. They put out a huge graveyard on their hill in front of their house and have spotlights down at the bottom so when its dark, the lights point up the hill and you can see the tombstones’ shadows and witches’ faces lit up which makes my hair stand up. Anyway, they also put lights on their bushes and all around their house, like Christmas lights, but instead of the green and red or white lights, they put up orange and purple lights. When I helped my friend’s mom look for the lights, and when we found them I thought she was the most organized person ever, because she put each set of lights in its own plastic bag with a piece of paper in it that particularly says where that set of lights go. All of these lights she has in a plain plastic tub, and it saves space because they all fit in there really nice, a perfect example of good organizational skills!


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