the bored jar

The Bored Jar was inspired by Pinterest, a great tool if you are looking for fun things to do and give your kids!

This last summer I was nannying a 5 year old little boy and his sister, who was 11 years old. At first, the summer started off smoothly and we had a great time with crafts inspired by Pinterest as well as the random activities we went to and did around town as well. However you can only do so much everyday and we had brainstormed so many ideas on what to do for the summer, we decided to do them all at the beginning without thinking that we should save them and spread them out over the course of the summer! Call me dumb, so we ended up repeating activities and crafts we did a couple times! However every day the mom told them each to do “helping hands”, a chore around the house. So they would do that, and we would get everything done before lunch. After lunch, or at least once a day, one of the kids would say the magic words like, “I’m bored!” or “There’s nothing to do in my house!” Thus, I broke out my super-woman skills and headed to Pinterest, and I found every babysitter’s/nanny’s lifesaver!

Who knew when I found this mischievous item that it could easily be turned into a craft as well! I simply found a large mason jar and then I pulled out the stickers and sharpies for the kids to decorate it. While they did that, I cut up construction paper and wrote down on a good 20-30 strips chores and random things for them to do when they said the “magic words”. I wrote things like, take the dog for a walk, make your bed, put the shoes away, vacuum the living room, dust, etc., mainly all the chores, then I also included some “special” strips, only about 10 so there was a small chance of them to get one of those, but included things like, go to a movie, go get ice cream, go to the mall, etc.

Therefore after the kids saw that I was enforcing this idea, and they mostly had to do chores once they said the “magic words”, they stopped saying it, however every once in a while they would say it to see if they would get a special strip!

This is a "Bored Jar" that I made for the summer. All you have to do is buy a jar or use one from home and decorate it however you want. I decorated it with summer stickers from hobby lobby. Then you get some popsicle sticks and write or type some fun kid friendly activities on them. I put a few of my activities in the picture. Enjoy!


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