Halloween (Eco-friendly) Craft

So this week is the start of fall, and therefore it’s time to get in the fall mood!

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because of the cute decorations, the football games, the trees are changing, as well with the cold weather it gets me all in the cozy and cuddly mood!

A lot of people go all out for Halloween. From the little cute decorations and pumpkins to the gory demons, zombies and spiders, I don’t know about you but that is fun right there. Decorating for halloween obviously consists of spending money to purchase all of the different “one of a kind” decorations, but there’s also a way to make things yourself. For example, DIY & Crafts is a cute website that consists of cute little decorations for halloween, like stenciling spiders on pumpkins, and making ghosts out of wire, how adorable! I think they have some cute ideas!

When I was younger, I made some lights to line up along our sidewalk leading up to our door for the trick-or-treaters to come, and they were unique I thought!

What you will need:

  • Empty Plastic Water Bottles
  • Construction Paper, Colored or Plain White Paper (not card stock)
  • Markers
  • Halloween Themed Stencils (depending on how good of a free hand you’ve got!)
    • ex: Spiders, Witches, Ghosts, Bats, etc.
  • Tea Lights (depending on how many water bottles you have)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tape

To start, lay out all of your materials.

Displaying image.jpeg

Then taking the scissors and a empty water bottle, about halfway down the bottle, or measure about 2 to 2  1/2 inches up from the bottom, then cut all the way around so you have a mini cup. If you are making more than one, then repeat the process over with all of the empty water bottles. If making more than one, you can also have the measurements vary depending what you prefer.

Displaying image.jpeg

After that, take the paper you have chosen, from the construction paper or the plain white paper, make sure it can wrap around the bottle fully before cutting, and measure down the same size of the length of the water bottle, and cut.

Displaying image.jpegDisplaying image.jpeg

Once you have each piece of paper for each water bottle, in the center, either free hand, or stencil in the design you have chosen, and repeat for each paper.

Displaying image.jpeg

Once each paper has a design on it, then wrap each around their own bottle, and tape it. After that you can put the tea light in it and set it out!

Displaying image.jpeg


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